Liquid Handling

865 Dosimat plus with operator and printer

Analytical chemistry is all about getting the amounts of substances right. Accurate and reproducible liquid handling is a basic – and time-consuming – task in laboratories and has to be routinely performed by laboratory personnel.

Metrohm offers two instrument families that take care of this for you. They can be used for a variety of tasks, such as pipetting, transferring, diluting, dosing, or dispensing. You can thus save valuable time in your laboratory and rely on the precision and reproducibility of Metrohm’s dosing technology.

  • Eco Dosimat

    Available product versions Eco Dosimat liquid handling system

    The Eco Dosimat sets new standards in liquid handling (LQH) and manual titration. This modern instrument combines Swiss-made precision and accuracy with ease of use and convenience:

    • Dose with precision down to µL levels
    • Save time on liquid handling tasks
    • Get the results displayed on a color touchscreen
    • Save and print GLP-compliant results and reports
  • 846 Dosing Interface

    Available product versions Dosing interface for automated liquid handling

    The 846 Dosing Interface helps you to get the most out of automated liquid handling. Used either as an expansion for other Metrohm instruments or as a standalone instrument, the Dosing Interface can control up to four dosing elements and take care of any liquid handling task in the laboratory.

    • Save time for sample preparation.
    • Obtain more accurate results through high-precision Metrohm Dosinos.
    • Configure fully automated dosing setups.

  • Dosimat plus

    Available product versions Dosimat plus for manual titrations and routine liquid handling

    Dosimat plus instruments can be used for manual titrations and facilitate routine liquid handling and dosing tasks in the laboratory. They can be used either as independent, manually controlled instruments or as automatic dosing devices for Metrohm titrators of the Titrino plus families.

    • Easy installation and operation
    • USB connectivity for auxiliary devices
    • Four operation modes covering all liquid handling requirements