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For humans, multitasking is a myth. There is a high probability of failure with this practice, and associated negative effects include decreased attention, lower productivity, worsened memory, an increased risk of errors, increased stress, and more [1]. What if we could overcome these issues?

A new multichannel instrument for electrochemical analysis from Metrohm DropSens makes multitasking possible for laboratories – μStat-i MultiX. With this instrument, laboratories can increase productivity and performance and enhance agility and flexibility with up to 16 channels on which up to 16 users can work simultaneously on the same (or different) experiments using multiple disciplines. Perform analyses automatically, run multiple experiments simultaneously, and control individual channels independently. Multitasking is now possible with μStat-i MultiX – go multi in all aspects!

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μStat-i MultiX

µStat-i MultiX boosts the multi-user experience and speeds up projects

Metrohm DropSens offers a multichannel bipotentiostat, galvanostat, and impedance analyzer with MultiplEIS® technology, enabling electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements to be performed in two-channel mode. µStat-i MultiX has been designed to support and simplify multidisciplinary and multi-user research allowing an efficient, versatile, and reliable user experience.

µStat-i MultiX meets the challenging demands of the modern research laboratory. As such, this innovative system, dedicated to research groups of any size, transforms daily work by allowing greater flexibility and speed in analysis. In addition, since it is suitable for working not only with screen-printed electrodes, but also with conventional assemblies, it provides a wide variety of possible set- up configurations for many different applications.

How can you save more time during your analysis and research projects with µStat-i MultiX? Just pay attention to the following points!

μStat-i Multi16 instrument being operated via remote control.

Multiple channels (16) for ultimate research adaptability

µStat-i MultiX has 16 channels, making it extremely practical for laboratory use. Multi-parameter analysis and fully independent measurements lead to faster sample throughput and therefore more data processed and generated.

Multi-channel bipotentiostat, galvanostat, and impedance analyzer with MultiplEIS® Technology (dual-channel electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements).

Unparalleled multi-user experience

Up to 16 different users can work simultaneously with the μStat-i MultiX This allows researchers to:

  • perform multiple measurements at the same time
  • reproduce equivalent measurements
  • work with different techniques
  • work on different projects
  • and more

The result is total independence for each person who uses the same equipment.

μStat-i Multi16 instrument being operated by two users at the same time.
Remote connection with μStat-i MultiX gives researchers even more flexibility.
Remote connection with μStat-i MultiX gives researchers even more flexibility.

Unrivalled location flexibility

No obstacles stand in the way of your research thanks to the remote connection possibility. Users now have more flexibility regarding their location and the position of the μStat-i MultiX in the laboratory. It is no longer necessary to be near the instrument to perform experiments or process the resulting data, as these actions can be performed via intranet/VPN.

An efficient and scalable solution

Meeting current and future needs of researchers has never been easier. The instrument can be initially configured according to the present needs of the laboratory. Four different models are available:

  • μStat-i Multi4
  • μStat-i Multi8
  • μStat-i Multi12
  • μStat-i Multi16

Even after purchasing the instrument, it is possible to expand the number of channels from 4 up to 16.

In addition, the channels can be configured with galvanic isolation, making it possible to work in floating mode.

Versatility in a single instrument

The electrochemical techniques and specifications available in the μStat-i MultiX instrument combined with the reliability of the intuitive DropView 8400M software make this system suitable for a wide variety of applications such as: sensors, electrocatalysis, fundamental electrochemistry, corrosion, hydrogen permeation, or coin-cell batteries, among many others.

A variety of applications and disciplines can be addressed with μStat-i MultiX.

DropView 8400M software multiplies the possibilities

µStat-i MultiX works in absolute synergy with DropView 8400M software. This advanced yet easy-to-use program allows multiple analyses to be controlled by multiple users. This software also features new dedicated options that will undoubtedly make a difference in the success of your daily work and other research projects.

Researcher taking measurements with DropView 8400M software where a Nyquist plot is obtained using MultiplEIS® in μStat-i MultiX.

The high specifications and diverse techniques present in the μStat-i MultiX facilitate collaborative research and the multi-user experience by adapting to the current needs of any laboratory. The DropView 8400M software makes this instrument adaptable to a wide variety of applications and projects, offering full control over the μStat-i MultiX with just a click of a button.


μStat-i MultiX

Electrochemical methods and techniques have conquered a wide range of analytical applications in several fields of research including agriculture, defense and security, environment, food analysis, biotechnology, and clinical studies. Advances in these fields have led to a substantial increase in the expansion of electrochemistry into new methodologies and market sectors. Electrochemistry has demonstrated its great potential to solve real-life analytical problems. μStat-i MultiX takes this even further by simplifying analytical research.

The advantages offered by μStat-i MultiX from Metrohm DropSens noticeably improve daily laboratory work, making projects run faster and more efficiently for successful routine electrochemical research. To top it all off, μStat-i MultiX comes with a three-year warranty and outstanding  service support provided by Metrohm's worldwide network of subsidiaries.  


[1] Tamir, D. I.; Templeton, E. M.; Ward, A. F.; Zaki, J. Media Usage Diminishes Memory for Experiences. J. Exp. Soc. Psychol. 2018, 76, 161–168. DOI:10.1016/j.jesp.2018.01.006

Caldevilla Collado

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