pH, ion, and conductivity measurement

Our instruments for pH, conductivity, and ion measurement fulfill the most diverse requirements:

Whether you analyze a single or multiple parameters, in the lab and in the field, manually or with full automation, we have the solution for you.

By choosing pH, ion, and conductivity meters from Metrohm, you choose not only rugged and highly precise instruments and first-rate sensors, but also years of application knowledge and reliable expert support.

  • 912/913/914 pH/Conductometer

    Available Options pH/conductometers for use in the field and in the lab

    This family of portable pH meters, conductivity meters, and combined meters offer you high flexibility as they can also be used as benchtop instruments. These easy-to-use instruments are ideal for routine use.

    • Measure pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature
    • Suitable for outdoor use: IP67, rechargeable battery, comfortable hand-held use
    • Clearly organized user interface for intuitive use
  • 780/781 pH/Ion meter

    Available Options 780 pH/Ion meter

    The 780 pH Meter and the 781 pH/Ion Meter are characterized by their advanced technical comfort. This includes numerous possibilities in terms of parameter and method settings as well as integrated quality control tools.

    • Measure pH, ORP, concentration, and temperature
    • Connections for direct control of stirrers, dosing devices, printers, etc.
    • Integrated quality control, e.g., through user identification and GLP-compliant electrode test
  • 867/856 Modules

    Available Options 876/856 Modules for pH and conductivity measurements

    The 867 pH Module and the 856 Conductivity Module can be used as add-ons for Titrando systems or as stand-alone meters. When dealing with large sample loads or multiparameter analyses – or if you’re looking for the highest level of technical comfort – these modules are the right choice.

    • Measure pH, ORP, concentration, conductivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature
    • Various easy automation options
    • Flexibility, security, and FDA compliance with 900 Touch Control or tiamo software for control


Have a look at the broad choice of electrodes Metrohm offers for measurements of pH, conductivity, ISE, and more.

Metrohm electrodes

ALS Hong Kong laboratory

"We can do 50 samples in a single run without any monitoring."

Vico Chen, manager of the inorganic section at ALS Hong Kong laboratory, China

SPE Inspection & Research Institute

"It’s really very simple! This system […] frees us from tedious work and saves a lot of time."

Fen Yu, lab technician at Guangzhou Special Pressure Equipment Inspection & Research Institute, China