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Elektrokemiska analysinstrument

Elektrokemiska analysinstrument

Metrohms produktportfölj: titratorer, Karl Fischer-titratorer, jonkromatografer, pH- och jonmätare, Raman- och NIR-spektrometrar, elektrokemisk utrustning och processanalysatorer.

Our robust analytical instruments for laboratory, process, and in-field analysis cater various industries. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our diverse range of precision instruments designed to meet the evolving needs of laboratory technicians as well as routine operators. Explore our complete range of analytical instrumentation and accessories below.

Analytical chemistry with Metrohm instruments

Benefit from Swiss quality with analytical chemistry instruments from Metrohm

Metrohm was founded in 1943 in Herisau, Switzerland. Since then, Metrohm has developed into one of the world's most trusted manufacturers of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis.

Metrohm instruments stand for:

  • Accurate and precise measurements: Our analytical instruments are renowned for their precision and accuracy, delivering trustworthy results crucial for your analysis.
  • Robustness and Swiss-made quality: We produce as much as possible ourselves, from the hardware to the software, the printed circuit boards and finally the sensors, separation columns, and accessories. The uncompromising quality of our analytical equipment allows us to offer warranty services that are much above the usual standards.
  • Global support: We are present in over 80 countries to offer local support by our service and application experts.

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