Customer Testimonials

In the UK and Ireland well-known companies of all sizes rely on Metrohm equipment and trust our specialists. A selection of customer reviews can be found below. 

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South East Water IC

"For Robustness and Precision we chose Metrohm IC" John Robertson, Senior Chemist, Water Quality, South East Water

South East Water supplies top quality drinking water to 2.1 million customers in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

"We run a range of different methods on our Metrohm IC, we have a separate Bromate Method using post column reagent and a Oxyhalide method currently analysing; Fluoride, Chloride, Chlorite and Bromide. We measure a range of samples including protocol waters, surface waters and ground waters.

We like the Metrohm IC system as it has a single auto sampler which allows us to run both methods simultaneously. Another key feature we find is reagent used for the Oxyhalides is continuous auto regeneration, so we don’t have to worry about constantly filling up reagent.

Another benefit is that we don’t use many consumables and still have the precision and recovery as the validation period. Metrohm Customer Support is very good. The Engineers and Application Specialists can be contacted directly to arrange a site visit, no need to go through call centres."

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David Norris IC
“I would only recommend Metrohm as your partner in IC”  David Norris, Managing Director, David Norris Analytical Laboratories

David Norris Analytical Laboratories is a privately owned, independent laboratory specialising in GLP Compliant Five Batch Analysis and Formulation Storage Stability Trials for the Agrochemical Industry.

"DNAL use their Metrohm IC to accurately measure the concentration of anions and cations in pure salts and look for salts as impurities in Agrochemicals and Biocides. Many of these provide a challenging matrix as they are pure organic compounds and are highly soluble such as quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats). Challenges faced are low throughput but high precision and exact determinations to provide a complete profile of the salts present in the products. We need robustness and extreme reproducibility.

We chose Metrohm IC as alternative IC systems cannot cope with neat agrochemicals. The benefit of using Metrohm IC is saving downtime and not requiring hugely expensive parts and repairs. Plus Metrohm after sales service and support is fantastic!"

Sembcorp IC
“We chose Metrohm IC as it is a robust instrument that is very reliable with a good suppressor lifetime.”  Brian Walker, Analytical Team Leader, SembCorp Utilities Ltd.

Sembcorp use Metrohm IC to accurately measure Halides in demineralised water, waste water and Biomass samples.

"The waste water matrix was previously tested using colorimetric methods but was found to have problems with recovery. The IC method routinely gives us 100% recovery but also allows us to monitor other anion species at the same time. I have just installed a pre-concentration system allowing us to monitor halides at <0.5ppb in the demineralised water.

We chose Metrohm IC as it is a robust instrument that is very reliable with a good suppressor lifetime. The software is easy to use and understand. The benefits are the quality components and columns for anion separations. I regularly achieve over 5000 injections of samples of waste water and demineralised water per column before a change is required.

After sales support is excellent with a combination of e-mail, telephone and site visits if required. Our main reason for choosing Metrohm IC is the 10 year warranty on the suppressor. Even running the suppressor dry has not caused a system failure. We only needed to run through sulphuric acid for a short time and the suppressor was regenerated and performing 's good as new."

Carrington Power Station IC
“The training provided during installation was excellent”  Dr. Fiona Spellissy BSc, MSc, PhD. Station Chemist/Environmental Coordinator at Carrington Power Station, Manchester.

Carrington Power Station is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station, which was completed in Autumn 2016 and began commercial operation on 18 September 2016.

"The IC is used on site at Carrington Power Station to test process water to determine the quality of water fed to the steam turbine. Both CCGT units were commissioned in the summer of 2016 and the IC proved invaluable during this period. It aided in determining issues with chloride slippage from the process water treatment plant, issues with polisher regeneration leading to sulphate slippage and with determining the causes of high CACE in steam samples. It was also used to modify our start up regime, leading to a decreased start up time of ~ 40 minutes leading to significant financial saving. 

I have a single stream IC which I continually change between anion and cation analysis. I find it very quick to switch between cations and anions, it generally takes ~10 minutes and I find that columns/suppressors used don’t dry out as I experienced with other IC manufactures. 

I found that the training provided during installation was excellent and the operation manuals supplied with the instrument are very thorough. Metrohm’s aftercare is excellent, the IC requires that eluent be made up for use, initially when the instrument was purchased our purchasing system was not in place and I have issues with buying reagents. On several occasions Metrohm’s lab made up reagents for me while I was waiting to order reagents. This allowed me to use the IC at a critical time in the commissioning process."

Bardyke Chemicals IC
“The level of automation has proved invaluable” Michelle Higgins, Laboratory Manager, Barkyke Chemicals.

Bardyke Chemicals, founded in 1968 is a chemical manufacturing company based in Blantyre near Glasgow. The company specialises in developing and manufacturing copper compounds.

"In 2008 the company purchased a Metrohm 881 compact IC pro for the analysis of anion impurities in both final products and raw materials. To increase the through put of the instrument an 858 Professional Sample Processor was purchased in 2009. The level of automation has proved invaluable, I particularly like the timer function which can be set to equilibrate the instrument or run an analysis method when the laboratory is unmanned. I have found the instrument to be extremely robust and reliable and have had no issues with maintaining the instrument

Metrohm has recently carried out an onsite training programme with the laboratory staff which all members of staff found extremely helpful. The online tutorials with step by step instructions for changing consumables on the instrument are excellent. I am very happy with the level of service from Metrohm and have found their staff to be very knowledgeable and always willing to help."

Newcastle University IC

“Easy operation, high accuracy and a stable baseline” Dr. Eileen Yu, Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering, Newcastle University.

The School of Engineering at Newcastle University use Metrohm IC for research purposes. 

"We use Metrohm IC to determine the concentration of organic acids (especially formic acid) with small molecule in aqueous solution. Our main challenge is that the concentration of organic acid in some of our samples is too low (less than 10ppm).

We chose Metrohm as the IC is equipped with a “Metrosep Organic Acid – 100/7.8” column, which is the optimal system for the detection of trace amount of formate. We have found the benefits are easy operation, high accuracy and a stable baseline. The after sales service and support at Metrohm is efficient, feedback was given quickly if we reported some problems. Three training sessions were provided. 

I would recommend Metrohm as the Metrohm IC could sensitively and accurately measure concentrations of various ions, also with an ideal price. The machine and software operation is accessible and easy to learn."

University of Huddersfield IC
“With Metrohm you get the full package” Dr Simon Rout, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, University of Huddersfield.

The University of Huddersfield use Metrohm IC for research purposes.

"We chose a Metrohm IC as it produces chromatography comparable to current instruments (ThermoFIsher ICS3000-5000). When purchased, only a single channel system was required and the pricing was more competitive than that of competitor.

We have found the benefits of Metrohm IC to be that it is simple to use, has a helpful computer interface, and does not require constant eluent flow so saves money on reagents. This also means that column is less susceptible to drying out because of partially trained users.  We have had no issues with the instrument in the first 9 months of operation, the free first service was provided. Our local account manager and other representatives are always available by email, where account managers from competitors rarely keep in touch once sale has been made. 

With Metrohm you get the full package, prior to purchase we were allowed significant time with the instrument to demo with no commitment to purchase. Price was very competitive vs competitors. The instrument installation was thorough ensuring the instrument was up and running and full training given. Post purchase the representative keep in contact to make sure the instrument is operational and any other requirements."

“I am genuinely impressed with the expertise of Metrohm.” Lee Mallard, Senior Analytical Chemist, Uniper Technologies Limited

Uniper Technologies Limited successfully deliver specialist engineering and asset management projects for the energy industry.

On a lab basis they analyse samples from all aspects of the power industry (e.g. steam cycle waters, waste water, ground water, fuel, ash, transformer oils, lubrication oil and grease) and are UKAS accredited.

“We have a Metrohm IC system for anion, cation and organic acid analysis. Mainly this is natural/waste water samples but we also analyse fuel leachate samples too. We also have several titration vessels (chloride, moisture) as well as probes for pH and Conductivity readings.

For steam cycle and boiler waters the main challenge is achieving the desired sensitivity and subsequent limits of quantification and detection. We need to ensure the system is clean which can be problematic when switching across sample types quickly. Metrohm IC columns (I favour the Metrosep Supp 10 with RP 2 Guard) ensure this is possible.

My Metrohm IC system, a modular mix of 700 and 800 series modules ran from a Windows 7 PC running IC Net v2.3, predates my time at UTG. It is an old system but it works and works well with very few user issues. It is robust and needs to be given our high throughput. It is also very user friendly. My previous incarnation was in the R&D function of a large Pharma company where my IC use was all a Metrohm competitor, these are good instruments too but I find Metrohm superior such that I would say anyone with chromatography understanding would be able to work with a Metrohm IC and its software with limited instruction.

As mentioned before the Metrohm IC is robust. Time taken for the system to settle/equilibrate (especially where suppression is used) is quick unlike other instruments I have historically used. Downtime is at a minimum and the column technology is excellent and resilient to whatever I throw at it. The application note methods from Metrohm are spot on too.

Metrohm’s after sales service and support is excellent, Jonathan Bruce is always available for any technical support and Paul Bonser keeps me abreast of all technical advances, new instrumentation opportunities (which I suspect will be needed as our current model comes off support) and rapid response to my consumable needs…..mainly columns.

I am genuinely impressed with the expertise of Metrohm. The instrumentation is easy to use, never lets the bench chemist down and the support is excellent.”

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