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Our ion chromatographs are the preferred choice for day-to-day routine analysis providing highly reliable, reproducible results.

Listen and read what our customers from around the world have to say about our IC instruments.

Lledo Altava

IC Analyst at Iproma in Spain, shares her experience with Metrohm ion chromatographs for environmental analysis, e.g., drinking water, pool water, ground water, and irrigation water.

Dieter Bossmann

A suppressor that lasts for several years – Dieter Bossmann, Laboratory Manager at Bernd Kraft GmbH in Germany, appreciates the robustness of the Metrohm Suppressor Module for analyzing standard anions in calibration standards. Hear Dieter’s story. 

Ramón Bouza

Dependable results – always: Ramón Bouza, Laboratory Director at AGQ Labs in Spain, presents a robust solution for automated carbohydrate analysis based on Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation. Hear Ramón’s story.

Jules Wyss

Consolidating beer analysis on a
single system – Jules Wyss, QC Manager
at the Feldschloesschen brewery in
Switzerland, benefits from a
customized Metrohm solution that helps
him to determine the bitter compounds as
well as many other parameters at the push
of a button. Hear Jules’s story.

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“The Metrohm IC has a good robustness, with it, we can get very reliable results.”

Ricardo Antunes, chemist, Clariant, Brazil
Metrohm IC user since 2010

"Overall we have been pleased with the reliability and robustness of the Compact IC pro 881 models due to ease of maintenance, short down times, and overall stability. A good lab 'work horse' for our sample throughput."

Matt Gregory, Technical Manager, Environmental Monitoring and Technologies, USA
Metrohm IC user for over 10 years

"My Metrohm IC has never let me down. It requires very little maintenance and less interaction than my HPLC."

Matt Folmar, Lab Manager, Western Plains Energy, USA
Metrohm IC user since 2010

"When I started my own lab I chose to install Metrohm equipment. The reliability and overall operation expense made the decision easy for me. We challenge our system with every method we develop and our Metrohm system has always performed exceedingly well."

Mike Goodrich, President, Cornerstone Analytical Laboratories, USA
Metrohm IC user since 1998

"We’ve never had an analytical system that has worked for such a long time without ever needing repair or spare parts: flawless performance for 14 years and counting!"

Markus Dunkel, laboratory manager, Heimerle + Meule GmbH, Germany
Metrohm IC user since 2002

"Very durable, stable system. Excellent scientific support from Metrohm."

Dr. Richard Lehmann, owner and Managing Director, Biochemisches Laboratorium Dr. Lehmann, Germany
Metrohm IC user since 2006

"The 861 IC from Metrohm is a very reliable instrument. It is user friendly and robust."

Carmen Kaiser Brügmann, senior chemist, PPC Cement, South Africa
Metrohm IC user since 2008

"The [Metrohm] IC equipment is very robust, the signal and calibration are very stable."

Julio Llorca Pórcel, head chromatography, LABAQUA, Spain
Metrohm IC user since 2014

"Metrohm IC is saving downtime and not requiring hugely expensive parts and repairs. Plus, Metrohm after sales service and support is fantastic!"

David Norris, Managing Director, David Norris Analytical Laboratories, United Kingdom
Metrohm IC user since July 2013

“I have found the instrument to be extremely robust and reliable and have had no issues with maintaining the instrument.”

Michelle Higgins, Laboratory Manager, Bardyke Chemicals Ltd, United Kingdom
Metrohm IC user since 2008

"Metrohm IC is robust. It does not need much maintenance."

Zhiqiang Li, Associate Research Fellow, International Center for Bamboo and Rattan, China
Metrohm IC user since 2013

"Stable baseline, accurate analysis."

Mr. Wang, Tester, Taiwan Power Company, Taipei, Taiwan
Metrohm IC user since 2000

"Metrohm's products are very durable, reliable, cost-saving. I am impressed with your products since they have not required any form of repair for a decade of operation."

Nguyen Ba Hung,  Laboratory Manager, PVFCCO – Phu My Fertilizer Plant, Vietnam
Metrohm IC user for over 8 years

"Stable baseline. Easy to start up, easy to operate. Almost no maintenance required. Never stopped the device because of the troubles."

Toshiro Sugiyama, Tohzai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Japan
Metrohm IC user since 2003


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