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Automation for IC
Automation for IC

Automation for IC

Whatever the number of samples and whatever preparatory treatment, we provide automated solutions for ion chromatography to meet your requirements.

Metrohm offers a variety of automation options for ion chromatography, ranging from eluent production and automatic sample introduction to calibration and sample preparation. With automation, you can increase sample throughput while improving reproducibility and the quality of your results. You will need less time per analysis which means lower costs and thus higher profits of your operations.

  • Unattended analysis of large sample series 24/7
  • Higher sample throughput and lower costs per analysis
  • Increased precision and accuracy of results
  • Multi-channel use: anion and cation analysis with just one autosampler

Automation in ion chromatography – Save time and money through fully automated sample preparation and analysis (8.940.5001, PDF, 4.2 MB)

Comprehensive automation options

Automated ion chromatography from Metrohm knows no limits: Capacities range from a few samples to well over 200 and from volumes of a few microliters to half a liter. Virtually any kind and shape of vials can be accommodated.

If you need a custom solution for your vials, we will design and manufacture a tailored rack for you.

Overview of the automation options for Metrohm IC
Automation option Benefits
Automatic eluent preparation with 941 Eluent Production Module
  • Continuous operation without manual intervention
  • Stable retention times guaranteed
  • Can be combined with all Metrohm IC instruments
Automated multi-channel analysis
  • Analysis of anions and cations in parallel using a single autosampler
  • Unattended, 24/7 analysis of complete ionic load of any sample and in any matrix (depending on the configuration)
  • Fully automated sample preparation for even the most challenging matrices (e.g., suspensions, matrices loaded with particles or proteins, solid or gaseous matrices)
Intelligent injection techniques
  • Any kind of intelligent injection technique can be used (i.e., full-loop, internal-loop, Metrohm intelligent Partial Loop Injection Technique (MiPT), and Metrohm intelligent Pick-up Injection Technique (MiPuT), increasing performance and analysis efficiency
Automatic calibration and spiking
  • Time-saving, highly precise automatic calibration with only a single multi-ion standard
  • Automatic, highly accurate validation of results and preconcentration performance
  • Increased efficiency, accuracy, and precision of the results

Unlimited configuration possibilities

There is virtually no limit to the options for liquid handling and intelligent injection methods to bring your sample into solution and prepare it for injection. Whatever configuration is needed in terms of pumps, valves, or Dosinos, whether your samples need cooling or be it any kind of intelligent injection techniques, we provide a fully automated solution to meet your requirements.

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