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Multichannel potentiostats/galvanostats
Multichannel potentiostats/galvanostats

Multichannel potentiostats/galvanostats

Multichannel instruments: electrochemistry times twelve.

Take a fully functional poteniostat/galvanostat, multiply it by twelve, and you get a Multichannel instrument.

  • Full configuration flexibility with eight modules to choose from
  • Up to twelve potentiostat/galvanostat channels in one cabinet
  • Analog & digital input/output available to connect with a variety of accessories
  • Access to powerful NOVA software for all your procedures, analysis, and accessory control

Brochure: Instruments for electrochemical research (8.000.5314, PDF, 2.29 MB)

One instrument, twelve measurements

The Multichannel instruments consist of a mainframe with up to twelve channels. As each channel is a separate potentiostat/galvanostat module, you can have one instrument that allows you to perform up to twelve measurements on just as many individual electrochemical cells.

  • Connect up to three computers to one multichannel cabinet
  • Expand functionality with modules of your choice
  • Connect and control external instruments

Choose the modules you need

With a Multichannel Line instrument, you can combine a total of twelve potentiostat/galvanostat modules (M101 or M204) and extension modules in one system. You can configure a customized system that is perfectly suited for your specific research requirements. Each of these up to twelve modules is capable of performing measurements in an individual measuring cell.

  • Create the measurable range you need; + 20 V compliance (+ 10 V for M101), max. current + 400 mA (+ 100 mA for M101)
  • Add additional techniques and capabilities, even after installation
  • Up to 6 modules to choose from

NOVA 2 controls all functionality

The Multichannel Line is controlled via the NOVA 2 software, featuring:

  • Customizable procedures with easy drag and drop
  • One interface and integrated control for external devices
  • Comprehensive data analysis, with publication ready graphs
  • SDK: control with LabVIEW or .NET customized applications
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