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930 Compact IC Flex
930 Compact IC Flex

930 Compact IC Flex

Single-channel ion chromatograph for routine analysis with superior sensitivity for the analysis of anions, cations, and polar substances.

The 930 Compact IC Flex is the versatile, robust, and easy-to-use ion chromatograph developed for routine users. Hence, contract and quality control laboratories from all sectors will find the 930 Compact IC Flex their solution of choice.

  • Compact ion chromatograph with superior sensitivity for the analysis of anions, cations, and polar substances
  • Upgrade options available to expand and customize your IC system
  • Microbore ion chromatography systems for even better efficiency and increased sensitivity
  • Straightforward automation for faster and more reliable results
  • Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation for challenging matrices
  • Low cost of ownership – save money on consumables
  • Secure data management with the GLP and FDA compliant software MagIC Net

Brochure: 930 Compact IC Flex – Compact ion chromatography for routine analysis (8.930.5001, PDF, 1.7 MB)

Catalog: The column program 2021 – An overview of all our separation columns (8.000.5347, PDF, 722 KB)

Brochure: Microbore ion chromatography (8.000.5438, PDF, 510 KB)

Compact system with flexible options

29302560 + 28509010 + 29450030 + 28580030, open, front view, 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/PP/Deg, IC Conductivity Detector, 945 Professional Detector Vario � Conductivity & Amperometry, 858 Professional Sample Processor � Pump � Injector

The 930 Compact IC Flex is a compact and flexible ion chromatography system that covers a wide range of applications. Various columns and detectors (UV/VIS, conductivity, or amperometric detection) are available and sensitivity can be increased by adding chemical and sequential suppression.

The 930 Compact IC Flex can be equipped with the most important Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) as well as intelligent injection techniques to minimize manual workload and increase precision of the results. In addition, this ion chromatograph is suitable for hyphenation (e.g., with MISP techniques, Cobustion IC, IC-MS, or IC-ICP/MS).

For instance, the 930 Compact IC Flex can be combined with the 941 Eluent Production Module to integrate automated inline preparation of eluents of any composition and concentration (including organic modifiers). You can then add an ultrapure water system and you may even use tap water for your ion chromatography.

Automated inline eluent preparation ensures stable retention times, contamination-free working, and saves manual working steps.

Configure your personal 930 Compact IC Flex

The 930 Compact IC Flex is also available as microbore version. With Metrohm microbore IC, you can save up to 75% of costs as well as increase signal sensitivity up to 20%.

Learn more about microbore IC

Automation for faster and better results

Automation is indispensable for routine analysis. Increasing numbers of samples, their cooling or any particular liquid handling required, we can provide an automated solution for everything: capacities range from a few samples to well over 200 and from volumes of a few microliters to half a liter. Automated sample preparation and calibration make the analysis even faster.

Learn more about the automation options for IC

Intelligent ion chromatography

Your 930 Compact IC Flex is self-monitoring. This means that:

  • All system components are immediately recognized
  • Instruments and other parameters are automatically integrated into the method
  • All system and method parameters are permanently checked
  • Measuring results are traceable to every single step of the analysis

Intelligent ion chromatography gives you peace of mind: if any parameter is out of specification, your 930 Compact IC Flex notifies you with a message in plain text.

Save money on consumables

Metrohm ion chromatography systems help you to keep operation costs low:

  • Thanks to MISP, syringe filters and filter caps do not need to be replaced.
  • The Metrohm anion suppressor can be used for 10 years – guaranteed!
  • The systems and hardware components are rugged and robust.
  • STREAM (Suppressor Treatment with Reused Eluent After Measuring) reduces chemical usage

High productivity and profitability in IC environmental analysis (PDF 1.1, MB)

Which ion chromatograph fits your requirements?

Talk to your Metrohm representative and learn about the best solution for your needs!

Sample preparation techniques for IC

Download free monograph

This free monograph gives a comprehensive overview of sample preparation techniques for ion chromatography and discusses some of the techniques in more detail (e.g., solid-phase extraction, inline techniques, dialysis, and much more).

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