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Compatibility of Metrohm IC Driver for OpenLab CDS versions with Windows operating systems:

  Metrohm IC Driver 1.0 for OpenLab CDS
Windows 10 Yes

For OpenLab CDS 2.4 or higher software versions, a license for OpenLab CDS non-Agilent Instrument Connection from Agilent is required to operate Metrohm instruments with OpenLab CDS.

For information regarding the operating system and/or antivirus software, refer to the OpenLab CDS software documentation (Agilent OpenLab CDS – Requirements and Supported Instruments) for information.

Download the required software version as well as the documents below.

Download the Metrohm IC Driver 1.0 for OpenLab CDS version with the newest upgrades here:

Download Metrohm IC Driver 1.0 for OpenLab CDS patch 1