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Metrohm IC systems are characterized by a compact design and flexible configuration options. This is also true for our detectors.

  • Routine operation with conductivity detection, UV/VIS detection, or amperometric detection possible
  • Comprehensive analysis by flexible use of several detectors in series or as hyphenated technique
  • Compatibility with MS and ICP/MS detectors of any brand

Automation in ion chromatography – Save time and money through fully automated sample preparation and analysis (8.940.5005, PDF, 1 MB)

Superior flexibility

Depending on your application, you may use any detection method with your Metrohm IC system. Each detection method has its particular benefits regarding selectivity and sensitivity.

Overview of the detectors for Metrohm IC
Detector option Benefits Typical applications
Conductivity detection


  • Universal detector for wide application field
  • Maintenance free
  • Non-destructive detection


Anions, cations, amines

(Metrohm Suppressor Module available for more sensitive analysis)

UV/VIS detection


  • Straightforward quantification of UV- and VIS-active substances across the entire UV/VIS range
  • Maximum performance by flexible settings (wavelength, lamps, measuring channels)
  • Upgradeable by iReactor for pre- and postcolumn derivatization
  • Highly specific and sensitive, making even low-level detection possible


  • Direct UV/VIS detection: nitrogen and sulfur compounds, halogens, organic substances
  • With post-column derivatization: transition metals, oxyanions as bromate and chromate in very low concentrations, amino acids, ammonium, etc.
  • With pre-column derivatization: complexing agents as EDTA, NTA, PBTC

Amperometric detection


  • Determination of electroactive, i.e., oxidizable or reducible, compounds.
  • High selectivity and sensitivity for determination of concentrations down to the ng/L range.


  • Carbohydrates
  • Sugar alcohols of all kinds
  • Many anions (e.g., cyanide, sulfide, iodide, bromide)
  • Many anions (e.g., cyanide, sulfide, iodide, bromide)
  • Many cations (e.g., amines, aromatic amino acids)
  • Organic substances (e.g., phenols, catecholamines, vitamins)
Hyphenated mass detectors


  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Simultaneous analysis possible
  • Peak verification and identification


  • Speciation of (trace) metals and metaloids (As, Hg, Se; IC-ICP/MS)
  • Quantification and profiling for carbohydrates (IC-MS, IC-MS/MS)
  • Organic molecules, e.g., amines (IC-MS, IC-MS/MS)
  • Pesticides, e.g., glyphosate, AMPA (IC-MS, IC-MS/MS)
  • Halogens and halogenated compounds, e.g., perchlorate, bromate, haloacetic acids (IC-MS, IC-MS/MS)
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