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NIR spektroskopie

NIR spektroskopie

Spektrometry pro blízkou infračervenou oblast pro speciální aplikace v QC laboratořích a ve skladech.

Ať už jsou vaše požadavky jakékoli - máme pro vás ten správný NIR spektrometr.

Naše portfolio spektrometrů pro blízkou infračervenou oblast zahrnuje laboratorní NIR analyzátory pro zajištění a kontrolu kvality a také procesní NIR analyzátory pro online monitorování chemických parametrů v různých průmyslových odvětvích. Pomocí filtrů můžete zpřesnit vyhledávání a najít ideální NIR spektrometr pro vás. Hledáte Ramanovy přístroje? Přejděte na naše Ramanovy spektrometry

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Why Metrohm NIR spectrometers? – Quality you can trust

Metrohm NIR spectrometers: Near-infrared spectroscopy equipment from a trusted provider

Since its founding in 1943, Metrohm has developed into a trusted provider of consistent high-quality and robust instruments for reliable and precise chemical analysis.  

  • Get everything you need for your NIR spectroscopy measurements from one provider, from the NIR instrument to pre-calibrations and NIR spectroscopy software.
  • Rely on expert know-how compiled in more than 130 application notes.
  • Benefit from our global presence in over 80 countries for local support by our service and application experts.

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Near-infrared spectrometer – FAQs

What does a near-infrared spectrometer do?

A near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer measures the interaction of light and matter (i.e., the sample) in the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, i.e., in the wavelength range of 780 to 2500 nm.

The molecules in a sample absorb and reflect light differently, based on their chemical and physical structure. By measuring the intensity of light at different wavelengths, a NIR spectroscopy device can generate a spectral profile or fingerprint of a sample.

This profile can then be compared to reference spectra or analyzed using chemometric techniques to identify and quantify the components present in the sample. For instance, the spectral data can be used to quantify key quality parameters such as hydroxyl value, moisture, melt flow index, density, TAN, TBN, and viscosity. The data can also be used to identify or verify the identity of a sample.

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How do you perform a NIR analysis?

Workflow of a near-infrared analysis: How does a NIR analyzer work?

NIR spectroscopy is a secondary technique. Before starting any routine analysis, a prediction model is required. Prediction models are created using values from primary techniques or reference methods, such as titration.

  1. Use a primary technique to gather information about the sample, e.g., concentration or other parameters.
  2. With the NIR instrument, collect NIR spectra from samples with known concentrations or known parameter values. This set of spectra, known as a calibration set, is the basis to create prediction models. Part of the set of spectra is used as validation set to validate the prediction model. Prediction models can be created and validated using spectroscopy software, such as Metrohm Vision Air Complete.
  3. Once the prediction model has been created and validated, routine analysis can be started at the push of a button.

Metrohm can assist you with creating and validating prediciton models (step 1 and 2), making NIR spectroscopy even simpler and faster for you. Contact us to learn more.

In addition, we also offer pre-calibration models. Pre-calibrations are robust, ready-to-use operating procedures for certain applications based on real product spectra. They allow you to immediately start your NIR analysis without any time-consuming sample sourcing, sample preparation, or prediction model development needed. Pre-calibrations are available for cannabis testing, quality control of isocyanates, polymers, polyols, fuels, wood pulps, palm oil, and human feces.

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Which applications can you perform with Metrohm NIR spectrometers?

Metrohm near-infrared analyzers can be used in different industries in the lab as well as in the factory.

Near-infrared spectroscopy is an analytical technique with numerous applications in various fields. Metrohm NIR analyzers can be used in the chemical, polyol, polymer, food, animal feed, pharma, pulp and paper, paint, petrochemical, and petrofuel industry. The NIR instruments can be implemented in the laboratory as well as in the factory for at-line measurements. They are used for quality control and quality assurance, raw material identification, process and reaction monitoring, and screening, providing rapid and non-destructive analysis of samples.

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NIR spectros­copy: The efficiency boost for QC labs

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This e-book provides a comprehensive introduction to the topic of fast quality control using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). The e-book presents basic information about the technology and its implementation as well as concrete application examples from various industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer, petro).