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Automation for Titrando
Automation for Titrando

Automation for Titrando

Flexible and expandable automation options ranging from liquid handling to homogenization and direct measurement.

The automation options for Titrando help you to get rid of repetitive manual work that a machine can do for you faster and better.

  • More precise and consistent results
  • Automated sample changing of up to 228 samples for higher sample throughput
  • Automated sample preparation available
  • Predefined all-inclusive packages to get started immediately

Brochure: 814 USB Sample Processor (8.814.5001, PDF, 1.54 MB)

Brochure: 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL (8.815.5001, PDF, 1.66 MB)

Eliminating manual workload for faster and better results

In automated processes, each sample is handled exactly the same way, and, as a consequence, your results will be more consistent, and comparability will be improved. The automation options for Titrando allow you to perform homogenization, liquid handling, and the analysis in one streamlined procedure.

Automated sample changing

Metrohm offers a selection of sample changers tailored to your needs:

  • 814 USB Sample Processor: For small and medium-sized sample series (in the range of 12 to 48 samples, depending on the beaker size), particularly suited to routine applications involving sample changing and basic liquid handling tasks.
  • 815 USB Sample Processor XL: To automate more demanding liquid handling tasks and analyze larger sample series (between 28 and 228 samples, depending on the application and the beakers).

Automated sample preparation

To further increase the efficiency in your lab, you can include automated sample preparation using the 815 Robotic Titration Soliprep:

  • Automated homogenization of the sample
  • Automated cleaning of the homogenizer
  • Automated adding of solvents or auxiliary solutions
  • Automated titration

Thanks to its outstanding flexibility, the 815 Robotic Soliprep can be used for a host of other applications (e.g., filtering and diluting for HPLC or IC applications). To learn more about these exciting possibilities, please contact us.

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