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From stand-alone titrator to a fully automated solution in an overarching network: a potentiometric titrator that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Titrando is a potentiometric titrator featuring superior intelligence, either operated stand-alone by Touch Control or with the modern and user-friendly OMNIS software. It simplifies routine operation with intelligent system components and advanced automation options.

  • Two fully automated titrations can be performed at the same time for more efficiency
  • Resolution of up to 20,000 steps for precise results
  • Intelligent Exchange Unit, Dosing Unit, and electrodes (iTrodes) improve traceability and minimize errors
  • Automation and upgrade options available to master higher sample throughputs
  • Compliance with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, and GMP

Higher traceability and reliability, fewer errors - intelligent dosing unit and exchange unit?ts=1644759893113&dpr=off

The intelligent Exchange Units, Dosing Units, and electrodes (iTrodes) that are used with Titrando systems are equipped with a data chip. Titrando automatically reads from it all the data that it needs to carry out the titration properly and compares the data it has obtained with the selected method carrying out a plausibility test. If the test fails, a clear error message appears.

Higher sample throughput

Sample Robot

Automation will allow you to increase productivity and consistency: Titrando can be configured as a fully automated solution performing two parallel titrations – including sample preparation steps such as weighing, homogenization, filtration, and pipetting.

Learn more about the automation options for Titrando

More flexibility

Titrando is available as a stand-alone titrator or it can be upgraded to operate up to 12 burets and 6 galvanically separated measuring inputs. Either way, the control of a Titrando system is easy: You can use a convenient Touch Control or the modern OMNIS software.

Which titrator fits your requirements?

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