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O2 Lumitrode: the fastest optical sensor for DO measurement on the market

O2 Lumitrode

Our new O2 Lumitrode is an optical sensor for the determination of dissolved oxygen in water or other liquid samples. Compared with conventional, galvanic sensors, the O2 Lumitrode is much easier to handle and has a longer service life.

In addition, this optical sensor is completely maintenance-free. The measuring optics of the sensor are protected from mechanical stress and external effects of light by a robust sensor cap.

Dissolved oxygen measurement in the field or the laboratory

The O2 Lumitrode is used with our tried-and-tested portable meters, which allows you to carry out DO measurements either in the field or in the laboratory.

We offer two versions of meters for dissolved oxygen measurement for combined measurements of dissolved oxygen, pH and/or conductivity.

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Determining dissolved oxygen in water: Titration or direct measurement?

Download free white paper

Download this free white paper to learn more about the different methods for the analysis of dissolved oxygen. In this white paper, you will find a comparison of the various techniques as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with oxygen determination using titration, electrochemical sensors, and optical sensors.