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Fast, easy to use, and environmentally friendly – this is what NIRS stands out for:

Near-infrared spectroscopy is a non-destructive method that requires no sample preparation and provides results within one minute. Measurements can be performed by non-specialists in the lab or at-line.

Application possibilities of NIRS for polyols and isocyanates

Download free application notes

These application notes present the rapid solvent-free determination of the hydroxyl value according to ASTM D6342 as an alternative to ASTM D4274-16 and an efficient method to quantify isocyanate content as an alternative to ASTM D3155 with short time to result and without any solvents.

Save more than 90% on your running costs!

Download free white paper

This white paper contains a short background information section on near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), describes how NIRS can be used for quality control, provides real application possibilities in the polymer and petro segments, and details an example ROI calculation.