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Fast, easy to use, and chemical-free – this is what NIRS stands out for:

Near-infrared spectroscopy is a non-destructive method that requires no sample preparation and provides results within one minute. Measurements can be performed by non-specialists in the lab or at other locations.

Application possibilities of NIRS for different kinds of petrochemicals: diesel, gasoline, and pyrolysis gas

Download free application notes

These application notes explain how cetane index, TAN, Aromatics and sulfur content, and bromine number can be analyzed in less than one minute, they present an efficient method to analyze RON as an alternative to ASTM D2699, and they discuss how diene value (or maleic anhydride value) can be quantified rapidly in pygas without any wet chemical tests.

Save more than 90% on your running costs!

Download free white paper

This white paper contains a short background information section on near-infrared spectroscopny (NIRS), describes how NIRS can be used for quality control, provides real application possibilities in the polymer and petro segments, and details an example ROI calculation.