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Automation for KF Ti-Touch
Automation for KF Ti-Touch

Automation for KF Ti-Touch

Save time and space: automated thermal sample preparation for water content analysis

When samples cannot be titrated directly, combine your KF Ti-Touch system with an 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer to form an exceptionally space-saving and easy-to-use system. 

  • Manual work steps are eliminated
  • Superior comparability and precision of your results through automation
  • Stand-alone instrument with a small footprint
  • Reduced waste and costs thanks to reusable vials

Brochure: 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer (8.885.5001, PDF, 329 KB)

Simple solution for difficult samples

The oven method allows you to analyze samples that cannot be titrated directly, e.g., because your sample:

  • does not dissolve easily,
  • releases the water only at elevated temperatures, or
  • reacts with the KF reagent.

In this method, the sample is heated, and the evaporated water is transferred to the titration cell with a dry carrier gas. As a result, only the water gets in contact with the KF reagent, which means that the electrode and the titration cell are not contaminated. In addition, your results are more reliable, as carryover or memory effects are excluded

Cost-effective and easy: Save time and money

Automating sample preparation means eliminating manual work and thus saving time. In addition, by automating sample preparation, you can increase the accuracy of your determinations, as each sample is handled in exactly the same way. Compact Oven Sample Changer - oven temperature?ts=1643207358471&dpr=off

The 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer does not require complicated installation and parameter settings: It can be easily connected to a KF Ti-Touch and set up very quickly – the only parameters you have to define are the oven temperature and the gas flow. KF Ofen - screw-cap vials?ts=1643207358567&dpr=off

In addition, the screw-cap vials that are used with the 885 Compact Oven Sample changer are reusable, so that you can reduce waste and save money.

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