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Metrohm has compiled a comprehensive overview of important water quality parameters and the best methods to analyze them based on the practical experience and know-how of two generations of application specialists from the Metrohm laboratories.

Analyzing water samples and water constituents

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The latest edition of this monograph provides step-by-step instructions and calculation examples for the determination of different parameters of water samples, such as physical and gaseous parameters, anions, cations, and other water constituents.

In practice: Automated analysis of water

Flexible, efficient, and precise solutions. The Laboratory of the Swiss Canton of Zurich is in charge of monitoring the drinking water quality of the greater area of Zurich.

Watch the video to learn how OMNIS and TitrIC from Metrohm help the laboratory to be more efficient and precise.

Brochure: TitrIC flex – All you need for comprehensive water analysis (8.000.5300, PDF, 2.1 MB)