791 VA Detector

791 VA Detector
Katalogové číslo: 2.791.0020
Amperometric Detector for Ion Chromatography.Electrochemical (amperometric) detection with the 791 VA Detector is a very sensitive detection method used successfully in both HPLC and ion chromatography. This method is also characterized by its very high selectivity: Only easily oxidizable or reducible substances are detected - chloride or sulfate are not detected and do not interfere with the electrochemical determination, even in high concentrations.The detector can be used in series or in parallel with other detectors that are frequently used in IC or HPLC (e.g. conductivity or UV/VIS detectors).Numerous electrodes suitable for each amperometric application are available.
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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 260/129/366

  • Measuring technique DC amperometry
  • Polarization potential
    range -1990...0... 1990 mV
    resolution 10 mV
    variation ±1.5%
  • Current measurement direct, non-integrating
  • Current measuring
    range 0.1 nA...10 000 µA
  • Time
    constants approx. 5.0 s for 0.1 nA
    approx. 0.1 s for 5 nA