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The premier handheld Raman system for rapid onsite raw material verification: easy, fast, flexible, and transparent.

Designed for lab-quality results in non-traditional testing scenarios, such as materials inspection at the loading dock, MIRA P is a vast improvement over traditional raw material identification and verification (RMID) methods. MIRA P verifies the quality and consistency of materials quickly and easily, so manufacturers can save time and resources. Metrohm Raman automates the process from method building to model verification and instant, onsite sampling of materials.

  • Clear “Pass” or “Fail” results are provided in seconds
  • Through-package sampling attachments available for liquids, solids, and powders
  • Dedicated, intuitive software MIRA Cal P, which supports full compliance for regulated industries
  • Short, simple, and automated workflows for straightforward material inspection
  • Orbital Raster Scan for sensitive interrogation without consuming, damaging, or burning the sample

Brochure: MIRA P Handheld Raman Spectrometer (8.923.5005, PDF, 998 KB)

Flyer: MIRA P Technical Specifications (8.000.5483, PDF, 265 KB)

Fast results in seconds


MIRA P collects and processes data, performs statistical analyses, and gives you a clear "Pass" or "Fail" result in seconds.

The instrument calculates the result on the basis of multivariate probabilistic algorithms to verify the identity of raw materials. This approach is much more accurate and reliable than traditional HQI spectral matching.

Safe sampling of sensitive materials DS Orbital Raster Scan graphic?ts=1713964384655&dpr=off

Orbital Raster Scan (ORS) is a unique feature of all systems from Metrohm Raman. ORS rasters the sampling laser over a large area to increase the amount of information collected with each scan. ORS achieves an outstanding resolution, even for heterogeneous samples and reduces the potential for sample degradation or burning.

Learn more about Orbital Raster Scan (ORS) in this application note

Move sampling from the lab to the loading dock

Mira P, user scanning barcode, warehouse

Implementation of handheld Raman in RMID, where the majority of materials testing is performed in the receiving area, is a significant departure from classical methods.

In addition, automated workflows are available for non-technical users. This enables anyone to analyze a sample fast, safely, and accurately.

Learn more about raw material identification and verification with MIRA P

MIRA Cal P: dedicated software for full confidence in compliance

With MIRA Cal P, Metrohm Raman is dedicated to offering the simplest, most efficient, and accurate use of MIRA P for RMID. The software comes with features that help to ensure secure and well-documented procedures in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, such as complete reports and audit trail functions.

The new Calibrate/Verify Accessory now provides a two-part verification of the system. First, the ASTM method E1840 for Toluene-Acetonitrile is used to achieve the best possible wavenumber calibration across the entire range. Second, NIST-Traceable polystyrene is used to verify wavenumber accuracy and provides worry-free conformity with USP 1120 and EP 2.2.48.

Which Raman spectrometer fits your requirements?

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Identification and verification of components with MIRA P

Download free white paper

Download our free white paper "Verification, p-values, and training sets for the MIRA P" to learn more about the identification and verification of methods for MIRA P.

Find applications for Raman spectroscopy

Find applications for Raman spectroscopy