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Designed as a platform, OMNIS excells in modularity and flexibility. The automation options for OMNIS devices are straightforward and can be adapted to your needs. The setup and maintenance of the automation for OMNIS titration, KF titration, and NIR spectroscopy systems is effortless . But that's not all – as a platform, users can seamlessly combine these technologies into an overarching automated system for an even greater efficiency boost.

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Automation for OMNIS

  1. Integrated: A single software for configuring and managing the automation setup
  2. Modular: Option to expand your system based on your number of samples
  3. Flexible: Capability to integrate multiple analytical techniques
  4. Adapted: Support of various types of sample vessels and sizes

Automation for OMNIS titration and volumetric KF titration

Automated sample analysis for nonstop titration

Experience unprecedented and flexible automation options for your potentiometric titration and volumetric Karl Fischer titration system.

Your OMNIS titration system can be configured to perform up to four measurements on the same system at the same time. In its maximum configuration, the OMNIS titration system consists of four workstations, up to eight pumps, and a Sample Robot capable of handling up to 175 samples.

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More information:

Brochure: OMNIS Sample Robot (8.000.5268, PDF, 465 KB)

Brochure: OMNIS – Performance on a whole new level (8.000.5262, PDF, 205 KB)

Automation for OMNIS NIRS

Unattended analysis of liquid and solid samples

Automation for OMNIS NIRS: OMNIS NIR Analyzer with OMNIS Sample Robot

Increase the efficiency in your lab with automated NIR spectroscopy. The OMNIS platform concept enables easy setup of an OMNIS NIR Analyzer with an OMNIS Sample Robot.

The OMNIS Software allows you to configure and precisely define workflows, which can be adjusted to individual needs with minimal effort. Integrating an automation setup to analyze more than 200 samples, whether solid or liquid, unattended by NIR spectroscopy, has never been easier.


More information:

Brochure: OMNIS NIRS (8.000.5459, PDF, 1.3 MB)

Automation for OMNIS titration and NIRS

Automated routine analysis and validation in one setup

Automation for OMNIS Titrators and OMNIS NIR Analyzer

The platform approach of OMNIS does not only simplify the implementation of a single analytical device with an OMNIS Sample Robot, but also facilitates the configuration of sophisticated, automated setups involving multiple analytical devices.

For instance, consider combining the OMNIS Sample Robot with an OMNIS Titrator and OMNIS NIR Analyzer for the analysis of TAN and TBN in oils. With this setup, near-infrared spectroscopy, a cost-efficient and fast method, is used for routine analysis to screen the samples, and titration is used occasionally for validation.

The advantage is evident – reduce your laboratory costs and further increase your throughput.