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The XDS Analyzers are the ideal near-infrared spectrometers for special applications such as content uniformity testing, raw material identification, and process optimization in pilot plants. Hot-swappable measuring modules and a variety of accessories make the XDS Analyzers versatile spectrometers, tailored to your application.

  • Samples for special applications such as content uniformity testing, raw material identification, and process optimization in pilot plants are analyzed according to USP 856, USP 1856, and ASTM E1655
  • Dedicated measurement modules are available to address different sample types
  • Benefit from all the advantages of near-infrared spectroscopy
  • Data integrity as well as convenient access and review of data is guaranteed with the user-friendly and GMP/FDA-compliant Vision Air software

Brochure: Metrohm NIRSystems (8.000.5111, PDF, 4 MB)

More flexibility and ease-of-use

The XDS Analyzer family was designed for special applications such as raw material identification, content uniformity testing, and process optimization in pilot plants. This family of spectrometers offers various hot-swappable measuring modules to match different sample requirements, from liquids and solids to pastes and slurries as well as tablets and capsules.

XDS Analyzer for pharma

Pharmaceutical applications

NIRS XDS Masterlab Analyzer: Designed for the pharmaceutical industry, this spectrometer features various customizable tablet trays with up to 35 positions and can also accommodate up to 25 vials for lyophilizates. This analysis instrument is perfectly suited for automated content uniformity testing and automated moisture determination of lyophilized samples. material identification - XDS Analyzers?ts=1647529580204&dpr=off

Raw material identification

NIRS XDS SmartProbe Analyzer: This spectrometer matches the requirements for regulated environments (FDA CFR part 11 compliant) and raw material identification of incoming goods, both solids and liquids. The sample can be determined directly in the original transport container and a clear Pass / Fail result is displayed on the handle after only a few seconds.

Processes in pilot plants

NIRS XDS OptiProbe Analyzer: This robust spectrometer comes with a probe made from stainless steel and is perfectly suited for process monitoring and optimization in pilot plants.

More cost-efficiency and time savings

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has many advantages:

  • Fast – a measurement takes only one minute
  • Convenient – pure samples can be used and no sample preparation is needed
  • Efficient – multiple parameters can be analyzed at the same time
  • Green – no solvents are needed so no waste is generated

However, Metrohm does not stop there. We offer dedicated pre-calibrated systems for the polymer, petrochemical, and polyol industries. These systems are ready-to-use solutions to determine multiple quality parameters, such as RON/MON, viscosity, hydroxyl number, density, and many more. With these dedicated pre-calibrated analyzers, you can skip method development and obtain precise and accurate results from day one.

More power and intuitivity Shutterstock_246444805_TS?ts=1647529580231&dpr=off

The XDS Analyzers are controlled with the user-oriented and flexible Vision Air software. Vision Air has powerful features such as the network function and database system, yet it is still intuitive to use.

In addition, Vision Air is the simplest way to perform routine analysis: select the sample and start the analysis – two clicks are all that is needed to perform a precise measurement.

Which spectrometer fits your requirements?

Talk to your Metrohm representative and learn about the best solution for your needs!

All you need to know about NIRS

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Download our free monograph “NIR Spectroscopy – A guide to near-infrared spectroscopic analysis of industrial manufacturing processes” to learn everything there is to know about NIRS.

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