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DS2500 Analyzers

DS2500 Analyzers

Compact and robust: Near-infrared spectrometers for fast and cost-effective quality control and routine screening of liquid or solid samples.

The DS2500 Analyzers are compact near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers for use in the lab as well as in production. These instruments combine efficiency and intuitive operation with flexibility and robustness.

  •  Available product versions for analyzing liquids (DS2500 Liquid Analyzer) or solids (DS2500 Solid Analyzer)
  • Samples from the petrochemical, polymer, polyol, palm oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, personal care, food and feed, and pulp and paper industry are analyzed according to ASTM E1655, ASTM D6122, USP 856, USP 1856, and ASTM D6342
  • Dedicated pre-calibrated systems for the polymer, petrochemical, and polyol industries available
  •  Benefit from all the advantages of near-infrared spectroscopy
  • Peace-of-mind – the DS2500 Analyzers have a IP65/IP54 rating so they withstand harsher conditions
  • Data integrity as well as convenient access and review of data is guaranteed with the user-friendly and GMP/FDA-compliant Vision Air software

Brochure: DS2500 Analyzer – Boosting efficiency in the QC laboratory with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)(8.929.5005, PDF, 6 MB)

Brochure: DS2500 Solid Analyzer – Near-infrared spectroscopy system for solid samples (8.922.5005, PDF, 1.34 MB)

Brochure: DS2500 Liquid Analyzer – Near-infrared spectroscopy system for liquid samples (8.929.5000, PDF, 738 KB)

Save time and money

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has many advantages:

  • Fast – a measurement takes only one minute
  • Convenient – pure samples can be used and no sample preparation is needed
  • Efficient – NIRS allows for the analysis of multiple parameters at the same time
  • Green – no solvents are needed so no waste is generated

However, Metrohm does not stop there. We offer dedicated pre-calibrated systems for the polymer, petrochemical, and polyol industries. These are ready-to-use solutions to determine multiple quality parameters (e.g., RON/MON, viscosity, hydroxyl number, density, and many more). With these dedicated pre-calibrated analyzers, you can skip method development and obtain precise and accurate results from day one.

Sample type flexibility and automation

The DS2500 Analyzers allow for the use of various sample cups, sample vials, or cuvettes of different diameters and are thus adaptable to your specific application requirements.

To increase your throughput for solid samples, we offer MultiSample Cups for various glass vial sizes. For liquid samples, flow cells are available and, in combination with a Metrohm sample processor, fully unassisted series of measurements are possible.

Robust analyzers with powerful and intuitive software Shutterstock_246444805_TS?ts=1692693441950&dpr=off

The DS2500 Analyzers are rated with IP65/54 protection class, which means that you do not have to worry about spills or dust. The spectrometers can thus be used in both a quality control lab or directly in the production environment.

The DS2500 Analyzers are operated with the intuitive and flexible Vision Air software. The powerful database system and network function of Vision Air simplify management of multiple spectrometers and larger-sized data sets.

Nonetheless, for the routine user, complexity is reduced to an absolute minimum and only two clicks are required to start a measurement. This means that user familiarization times are short and non-expert users are immediately successful from the beginning.



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