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The next-generation tools for spectroelectrochemical research: bipotentiostat/galvanostat, spectrometer, and light source all in one instrument, controlled by a single software. Meet SPELEC!

We have created what simply did not exist before: the SPELEC instruments include all that you need for spectroelectrochemistry. The bipotentiostat/galvanostat, the spectrometer, and the light source are all integrated into one instrument controlled by a single, dedicated software. You can thus obtain all the relevant data from a single source and in one software.

  • Potentiostat, spectrometer, and light source in one instrument
  • All information in one software
  • More experiments in less time
  • UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, and Raman spectrometers available
  • Full range of compatible accessories from one provider
  • Suitable for any cell setup for maximum flexibility

Brochure: Spectroelectrochemistry within everyone’s reach (8.000.5323, PDF, 860 KB)

One integrated solution for faster results

Combine electrochemistry and UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, or Raman spectroscopy in a single measurement. The SPELEC instruments consist of a bipotentiostat/galvanostat combined with a spectrometer and a light source working together. If needed, the electrochemical and spectroscopic modes can be used independently.

The following solutions are available for electrochemical measurements in various wavelength ranges:

  • VIS-NIR (350-1050 nm)
  • UV-VIS (200-900 nm)
  • NIR (900-2200 nm)
  • Raman (785–1010 nm, Raman shift 0–2850 cm-1)

All the accessories you need for your experiments

We offer a wide range of accessories to perform spectroelectrochemical experiments with screen-printed electrodes. These accessories are also compatible with other spectroelectrochemical cells.

With the right cell and screen-printed electrode, you can perform transmission, reflection, and Raman experiments using small sample volumes, and you can even easily perform reflection experiments in flow analysis. In addition, screen-printed electrodes can be used as SERS substrates for Raman signals.

Synchronized measurements with DropView SPELEC

DropView SPELEC is an advanced, dedicated, and intuitive software that facilitates measurement, handling, and data processing allowing perfect synchronization of optical and electrochemical measurement.

With this software, you can visualize electrochemical curves and spectra in real time and follow your experiments in different modes. And as for data processing, the software offers a large number of functions such as graph overlay, peak integration and measurement, 3D plotting, spectrum movie, and many more.

A solution that allows more applications

Spectroelectrochemistry is a useful technique for investigating and identifying electroactive species and products of redox reactions.

It can be applied in various research fields such as materials science, sensing, corrosion, organic/inorganic chemistry, energy storage, electrocatalysis, life sciences or environment, characterization of new materials, photochemical energy conversion, photovoltaic cell, and analytical chemistry, among others.

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Are you working on material characterization?

Download free application notes

Download our free Application Notes “The carbon battle characterization of screen-printed carbon electrodes with SPELEC RAMAN” and “Characterization of single-walled carbon nanotubes by Raman spectroelectrochemistry” to learn how easy it is to study the properties of materials by Raman measurements.

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