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Hyphenated spectroelectrochemistry
Hyphenated spectroelectrochemistry

Hyphenated spectroelectrochemistry

EC-Raman and EC-UV/VIS spectroelectrochemistry using stand-alone Autolab PGSTATs and spectrometers

Hyphenated spectroelectrochemistry from Metrohm Autolab by connecting any Autolab PGSTATs with an external spectrometer.

  • Synchronized electrochemistry and optical measurements by using external triggering
  • Two independent instruments for electrochemistry and spectroscopy useable as hyphenated or stand-alone solutions
  • Highest specifications of the electrochemical instrumentation
  • Optional features are available for your electrochemical experiment such as: Impedance Spectroscopy, true analog scan, bipotentiostat, and many others
  • Powerful NOVA software for electrochemical measurements

Flyer EC-UV/VIS: One-stop-shop for spectroelectrochemistry (8.000.5231, PDF, 582 KB)

Flyer EC-Raman: Hyphenated EC-Raman Battery Solution (8.000.5402, PDF, 3.73 MB)

Flyer EC-Raman: Hyphenated EC-Raman Solutions Corrosion (8.000.5403, PDF, 11 MB)

Flyer EC-Raman: Hyphenated EC-Raman Electrocatalysis (8.000.5404, PDF, 6.78 MB)

Easy hyphenation, more exploration

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By combining electrochemistry with spectroscopy, both non-invasive and non-destructive techniques, you have a dual perspective on your research. With Metrohm Autolab hyphenated spectroelectrochemistry, you synchronize your electrochemical measurements with the in situ Raman or UV/VIS spectra acquisition giving you simultaneous structural and functional information about your materials.

Metrohm Autolab hyphenated spectroelectrochemistry: versatile, flexible, and easy to use

Autolab B&W Tek Hyphenated Raman EC

With Metrohm Autolab hyphenated spectroelectrochemistry, you:

  • have the most versatile spectroelectrochemical setup
  • choose the electrochemical instrument with specs and features which best fit to your application needs
  • use existing procedures from the NOVA library or create your own ones with unlimited flexibility
  • benefit from the outstanding local Metrohm support for configuring, using, and troubleshooting the complete hyphenated solution

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