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Hyphenated spectroelectrochemistry from Metrohm Autolab can be added to any Autolab electrochemical setup.

  • USB connected, integrated solution for your current setup
  • All components controlled by NOVA software
  • Two spectro-photometers: for ultra-violet, visible, and near-infrared range
  • Deuterium/halogen light source with light output between 200 and 2500 nm

Flyer: One-stop-shop for spectroelectrochemistry (8.000.5231, PDF, 582 KB)

Two options, same easy integration

Metrohm Autolab offers two compact, USB-powered spectrophotometers that can be controlled in the NOVA software. One spectrophotometer covers the ultra-violet, visible to near-infrared range, and the other the ultra-violet to visible range. Both spectrophotometer come with order sorting coating to avoid stray light and second order effects.

NOVA offers multiple control options for your spectra acquisition Screen?ts=1643968950857&dpr=off

NOVA software is a modern software for electrochemical research that combines all you need on one interface for easy control:

  • Synchronize with your electrochemical measurements
  • Automatic and manual shutter control
  • Record a Dark, Blank or Sample spectra with one click
  • Display results in Absorbance and Transmittance units
  • Customize your procedures with an easy drag and drop
  • One interface and integrated control for external devices
  • Comprehensive data analysis, with publication ready graphs
  • SDK: control with LabVIEW or .NET customized applications
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