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The Laboratory of the Swiss Canton of Zurich is in charge of monitoring the drinking water quality of the greater area of Zurich. Every day, they have to analyze 30 to 100 water samples. This is where OMNIS and TitrIC from Metrohm come into play for fast, reliable, and reproducible drinking water analysis.

Multi-parameter analysis of drinking water

Multi-parameter analysis of drinking water with TitrIC and OMNIS

Once the water samples have arrived in the laboratory, the first parameter to be analyzed is the pH value. Before, a lab technician would need two hours every day to complete all pH measurements of the 30 to 100 water samples that are delivered to the Laboratory of the Swiss Canton of Zurich. Now, the laboratory is supported by the OMNIS Sample Robot, which allows for the unattended and continuous measurement of the pH value in the water samples. This automated system increased the efficiency and throughput of the laboratory and allows the lab technicians to concentrate on other tasks.

One such task is the measurement of other water constituents. Here, the laboratory is aided by an instrument that combines titration and ion chromatography for multi-parameter analysis. With TitrIC, the laboratory can measure the parameters in a single run: the concentration of the anions and cations, conductivity, water hardness, and others.


Learn more about OMNIS Sample Robot and TitrIC in the brochures:

Brochure: OMNIS Sample Robot (8.000.5450, PDF, 1.29 MB)

Brochure: TitrIC flex (8.000.5300, PDF, 2.2 MB)

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