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Our customers are as diverse as our solutions. With over 80 years of experience as a provider of high-quality analytical instruments, we do not easily shy away from any challenges. Hear our customers' stories and learn more about their experience with us and our instruments.

Matthias Grandel, Team Leader Quality Control, Hauff-Technik with MIRA XTR


Polymer ID verification in under two minutes

Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cable, pipe, and line bushings. They use the handheld Raman spectrometer MIRA XTR for simple, fast, and accurate identification of the incoming polymer pellets.


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Metrohm voltammetry instruments for underwater metal detection: 910 PSTAT mini


Unlocking the mystery of the Antikythera mechanism

A research team sponsored by the Swiss watchmaker Hublot wants to find the missing parts of an ancient Greek mechanism below the sea floor. They rely on a voltammetry solution from Metrohm to analyze the sea floor and detect any metals.


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SwissShrimp AG: female worker next to a seawater pool holding a net full of shrimps


Quality control of water in Europe's largest shrimp farm

SwissShrimp AG is the largest shrimp farm in Europe – located in Switzerland. They implemented a highly automated and precise ion chromatography system from Metrohm to reliably monitor the seawater components.


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