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The analysis of the reductants, free and total sulfurous acid, pH and total acidity of wine can be performed fully automated on an OMNIS system based on the directive OIV-MA-AS323-04B, OIV-MA-AS313-01 and OIV-MA-AS313-15.

Added components like SO2 have preserving properties and affect the microbiological environment (anti-microbacterial and enzyme-deactivating), they trap fermentation byproducts such as acetaldehyde and suppress a coloring into brown. The bound and free sulfurous acid are in an equilibrium with each other and can be determined via iodometric titration. Iodometric titration is also the method of choice to quantify other reductants, such as dyes, tanning agents, degradation products of carbohydrates and ascorbic acid. Finally, the acidity of wine is an important quality parameter, which affects the color and taste of wines. The total acidity and the pH of wine can be determined on the same system. Hence, Metrohm offers an all-in-one solution for the analysis of these mentioned key parameters.


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