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The Modular Line of instruments consists of a range of instruments to suit any requirements in electrochemical research, from low to high voltage and from low to high current. These instruments can be combined with a range of modules allowing you to customize the instrument to your requirements, greatly increasing the possibilities of your electrochemical research.

  • Modular design for any experimental requirement
  • Wide range of current and potential
  • Ready for use with hyphenated techniques and external accessories
  • Powerful and intuitive NOVA software
  • Complete range of accessories

Brochure: Instruments for electrochemical research (8.000.5314, PDF, 2.29 MB)

An integrated system designed by you

The Modular Line instruments can be supplied with a range of modules to form the perfect system for your specific research requirements.

For instance, you can add modules to enable Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), to increase the maximum current, or to increase the sampling rate, and much more.

NOVA 2: the interface for all functionality

The Modular Line instruments can be interfaced with any external device. And thanks to the powerful NOVA 2 software, you have full control of all aspects of your experiments.

  • Customize your procedures with an easy drag and drop
  • One interface and integrated control for external devices
  • Comprehensive data analysis, with publication ready graphs
  • SDK: control with LabVIEW or .NET customized applications
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