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Expanding the scope of your electrochemical research

In electrochemical research, the flexibility to set up and perform experiments as you need is crucial. Metrohm Autolab offers a range of electrochemistry accessories enabling you to implement different measurement techniques, expand the measurable range, and conduct specific applications.

Clean, low friction spin: rotating disk (RDE), rotating ring disk (RRDE), and rotating cylinder electrode (RCE)

These electrodes from Metrohm Autolab are high-precision, clean, and low-friction rotators for noise-free experiments at any rotation rate. The rotation rate can be controlled manually or with NOVA 2 software.

Learn more about our rotating disk electrode (RDE)

Learn more about our rotating ring disk electrode (RRDE)

Learn more about our rotating cylinder electrode (RCE)

No illusion with an Autolab Optical Bench

The Autolab Optical Bench is a system that enables you to study photovoltaic cells, such as dye-sensitized solar cells. This system includes a highly focused LED light source with a programmable LED driver and a full set of accessories including various LED covers for different wavelengths.

Learn more about the Optical Bench

Integrated fast and accurate temperature control


The Autolab Microcell HC is the ideal solution for fast and reliable temperature-controlled experiments, accommodating a large choice of electrochemical cells. The temperature can be controlled either manually or through NOVA 2 software.

Learn more about Autolab Microcell HC

Multimode Metrohm 663 VA Stand

Used together with a Metrohm Autolab potentiostat, this measuring stand enables polarographic and voltammetric measurements. This versatile measuring stand includes: Dropping Mercury Electrode (DME), Hanging Mercury Drop Electrode (HMDE), and Static Mercury Drop Electrode (SMDE).

Learn more about the 663 VA Stand

Interfacing third-party instruments

Autolab, Electronic Load Interface, Dynload interface

In order to enable even more flexibility in electrochemical experiments, Metrohm Autolab offers interfaces to control third-party devices.

Electronic Load Interface: used for very high-power experiments

Voltage Multiplier: allows you to include your voltage up to 100 V

Protect your setup with a Faraday cage

The Metrohm Autolab Faraday cage allows to protect any electrochemical setup installed inside from electromagnetic interference from external sources such as computer monitors, other instruments or power lines. An earth terminal is available in the Farada

Protect your electrochemical setup against electromagnetic interference from external sources (e.g., computer monitors, other instruments, or power lines) with the Metrohm Autolab Faraday cage. Earth terminals are available to prevent ground loops.

Learn more about the Faraday cage