Separate Ag-rod electrode with Ag2S coating

Separate Ag-rod electrode with Ag2S coating
Katalogové číslo: 6.0331.010S

This metal electrode has to be used in combination with a reference electrode (c(KNO3) = 1 mol/L as reference electrolyte) and is well suited for precipitation titrations (titrant silver nitrate). The robust shaft made of polypropylene and the metal rod can be replaced separately. The silver rod is coated with sulfide (Ag2S) for higher sensitivity.

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Electrode plug-in head Metrohm socket B negative with cable (l = 1 m)
Indicator electrode shape Pin
Indicator electrode type Ag
Measuring range –2000 ... 2000
Measuring unit mV
Min. immersion depth (mm) 5
SGJ sleeve Standard ground-joint 14/15
Shaft material PP
Temperature range, long-term (°C) 0 ... 80
Temperature range, short-term (°C) 0 ... 80