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Premium protection with full cost control

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Maximum insurance for your Metrohm system means minimizing the risk of downtime and unplanned cost.

Our new Service Agreement Prime GLOBAL includes the most commonly requested service and support features. You get priority status for on-site instrument repairs and on-site preventive maintenance. Not only do we replace critical wearing parts using genuine Metrohm parts and accessories, we make sure to protect your instrument from hardware failure.

You can also take advantage of this agreement for your existing Metrohm instruments – even if they are past their warranty period. In these cases, we will inspect and fine-tune your instruments back to proper working and coverable condition.

With a Metrohm Service Agreement Prime GLOBAL in place, you can focus on what’s important to you – your daily business.


  • Reliable protection against system failure & downtime
  • Maximum system availability and high-quality results
  • 100% cost certainty with no hidden costs
  • Fast restoration of your system with minimal disruption to your daily operation
  • Premium support with priority response time


The Metrohm Service Agreement Prime GLOBAL includes the following core elements:

1 PM visit per year Inspection, functional cleaning, status assessment, replacement of critical wearing parts, testing and functional check
Pre-scheduled PM visit Pre-scheduled maintenance service visit
Priority service Priority treatment over non-agreement customers 
5% Discount on consumables Discount on replacement consumables and accessories not covered under PM
Firmware or software updates Free firmware or software updates (when applicable)
Priority response for on-site instrument repairs Including remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, travel, labor and replacement of parts deemed as hardware failure
25% discount for training Discount on one-on-one and small classroom training 


Maximize the value of your Metrohm Service Agreement by adding the modules that are important to you.

Additional PM visits Additional PM visits as needed
Documentation upgrade I Upgrade to Calibration Certificates
Upgrade to GxP Upgrade to GxP Documentation

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