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Metrohm Process Analytics presents the new family of economical inline pH sensors: the ProTrode 200, ProTrode 250, ProTrode 300, and ProTrode 350. These effective, and robust sensors are the perfect solution for accurate inline pH measurements in various processes across many industries.

Four sensors for inline pH measurements tailored to your needs

The ProTrode pH sensors come in four versions, covering several market needs and parameters. The ProTrode 200 and 300 are suitable for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, covering a pH range of 0– 12. The ProTrode 250 and 350 are suitable for the chemical industry, covering a pH range of 0– 14.

Guaranteed reproducibility of your results

Diaphragms in sensors are a crucial part of a pH sensor since it creates a stable outflow of electrolytes around the sensor. The ProTrode 200 & 250 sensors are equipped with sleeve diaphragms so stable results are always obtained.

Pressure is not a problem

Pressure is a normal parameter that needs to be consider when pH sensors are going to be implemented. The ProTrode 250, 300 and 350 sensors are pre-pressurized, thus these sensors are guaranteed to be suitable in process conditions of up to 4 bar.

No silver interference

In the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, the slightest interference or change in the process parameters could have a huge impact in the production process, resulting in high cost. The ProTrode 200 and 300 have a silver scavenger to avoid silver ions contaminating the process sample, thus interfering with the process.

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