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Metrohm DropSens presents µStat-i MultiX for flexible, free, and advanced electrochemical analysis. This instrument is dedicated for multi-user and multi-disciplinary laboratory research teams who look for a solution that covers their current and future needs.

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When looking for a complete system for electrochemical analysis and research, the µStat-i MultiX is an effective solution: Metrohm DropSens has developed not only a potentiostat, but a new multichannel bipotentiostat, galvanostat, and impedance analyzer (MultiplEIS® technology) with an improved user experience for multi-user and multidisciplinary electrochemical research. The system is suitable for working not only with screen-printed electrodes, but also with conventional set-ups.

µStat-i MultiX efficiently meets today's demands of any lab: the high number of channels available (up to 16) allows the possibility of simultaneous work by several users working totally independently. Moreover, the flexibility of the user's location is made possible by the remote connection that allows to perform measurements or treat the resultant data without the need of being close to the instrument. As a result, it is easier to multiply working teams and save time.

The available electrochemical techniques and specifications in µStat-i MultiX and the reliability and ease of use of the DropView 8400M software make this instrument suitable for a wide variety of applications such as: hydrogen permeation, fundamental electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, sensors, corrosion or coin-cell batteries.

µStat-i MultiX allows to choose initially between four different models available: µStat-i Multi4, µStat-i Multi8, µStat-i Multi12 and µStat-i Multi16. Additionally, the system's versatility allows to expand the number of channels at any time after purchase.

Electrochemical methods and techniques have conquered a wide range of analytical applications in fields such as: agriculture, defense and security, environment, biotechnology, clinical or food analysis. Advances in this fields have led to a substantial increase in the expansion of electrochemistry into new methodologies and sectors, and in the volume of research as it has demonstrated its great potential to solve real-life analytical problems.

This novel instrument enables an electrochemical research experience with an efficient, versatile, and reliable approach. It is packed with key features and benefits to make daily work and projects a success. µStat-i MultiX has a three-year warranty granted and a fast, effective, and flexible support service provided by Metrohm's worldwide network of subsidiaries.

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