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Besides the chemical analysis, intuitive software is one of the deciding factors for the success of inline, online, and atline analysis. Metrohm Process Analytics is pleased to announce the release of IMPACT,  the new software for the analyzers of the 2060 platform. The Intelligent Metrohm Process Analytics Control Technology (IMPACT) Software is the cutting-edge software from Metrohm Process Analytics that can help to detect early process events to reduce forced shutdowns and process failures.

Key benefits of the IMPACT software:

  • Immediate data processing for fast response times
  • Customizable operation screens to focus on important parameters
  • Designed for process environments (e.g., easy traceability and transferability of data)
  • Intuitive user interface for smooth navigation within operation screens
  • Fast decision-taking with integrated smart programming
  • Full remote control due to multiple process communication protocols
  • Setting control parameters for alarms and diagnostics