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Handheld 785 nm Raman spectroscopy is a well-established material identification technique, most notably in the pharmaceutical and defense and security markets. In a free webinar hosted by Spectroscopy Magazine on May 3, 2022 the latest advances in 785 nm spectrometer design, fluorescence mitigation, and sampling capabilities are discussed. These advances are expected to expand applications to chemicals, dyes, food and beverage, research, and education.

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • Benefits of 785 nm handheld Raman
  • XTR: a novel fluorescence rejection technique for improved 785 nm performance
  • Novel and flexible sampling capabilities for handheld Raman, including robot-mounted, no-contact, and standoff data collection

Key learning objectives are:

  • Discuss the relationships between wavelength and design, signal-to-noise ratios and resolution, and Raman sampling
  • Discover how the extraction (“XTR”) of Raman data is used to remove fluorescence from the 785 nm Raman spectra
  • Learn how expanded applications for handheld Raman appeal to new markets