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Increasing numbers of samples, multiple parameters to be determined, mandatory compliance with national and international standards – water works, bottlers of mineral water and some sectors of the process industry all face the same challenge: How to cope with more analytical tasks while human resources in the laboratory are limited? In our webinar on April 7, 2022 we demonstrate how automation can help laboratories keep pace with today’s complex QC requirements in the water industry.

In this webinar we demonstrate how all standard measurements and titrations but also parameters like turbidity, color, and all critical ions can be consolidated on a modular, fully automated platform – including sample preparation. Best practice examples are given from modern water laboratories that were able to achieve time savings of up to 60% while safeguarding robust, consistent results of their daily routine analytics.

Participants in this webinar can learn …

  • How typical QC applications from the water industry can be consolidated on a full automated platform
  • How much time can be freed performing multiple different measurements in parallel
  • How automated sample preparation can be seamlessly integrated on such a platform
  • How automation can help increase reproducibility of results

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