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Breast feeding infants is and has always been the most natural and healthy way for their proper nourishment. Nevertheless, situations arise where babies need either supplements of or complete breast milk replacement by artificially produced infant and/or toddler formulas. The special nutritional mixtures must fit their needs and also adhere to very strict quality and food labeling guidelines which are defined by a variety of local and global regulations (e.g., Codex Alimentarius, EU regulations 2016/127 and 609/2013).


Ion chromatography (IC) is an economical and robust analytical technique that allows public authorities, analytical laboratories, and manufacturers to assess and fulfill these criteria. This flexible analysis technique offers a large range of applications to ensure a high level of quality and safety for infant food, several of which are described in more detail in this White Paper.

Learn more about IC for quality control of infant formula

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The free white paper "Robust multiparameter analysis of infant and follow-on formulas with ion chromatography (IC)" shows methods and advantages for determining carbohydrates, micronutrients, and contaminants in infant formula using ion chromatography. It provides an overview of IC applications and a summary of important regulations and guidelines regarding quality control of infant formula.


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