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Agriculture at significant scale without fertilizers is no longer possible in the modern world. To grow a sufficient amount of produce for nearly 8 billion people as well as for domesticated animals and industrial uses, fertilizers of different nutrient compositions are available to cater to the unique needs of various soil types. Information on the fertilizer’s composition (e.g., total nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) is available to help select the ideal fertilizer for a specific soil.


Conventionally these constituents are determined either gravimetrically (e.g., phosphorus, potassium, or sulfate) or with ICP-OES (e.g., phosphorus or potassium). These methods either have the disadvantages of long analysis times combined with laborious sample preparation (gravimetry), or require expensive instrumentation with high running costs (ICP-OES). This White Paper elaborates how thermometric titration is a fast and inexpensive alternative method to provide information on the content of various nutrients in different fertilizers.

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Learn more about thermometric titration and its benefits for the determination of nutrients in fertilizers in this white paper.


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