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This Bulletin describes potentiometric titration methods for the determination of the acidity in milk and yoghurt according to DIN 10316, ISO/TS 11869, IDF/RM 150, ISO 6091 and IDF 86, the chloride content in milk, butter and cheese according to EN ISO 5943, IDF 88, ISO 15648, IDF 179, ISO 21422, and IDF 242. Additionally the determination of the sodium content in milk using the thermometric titration is described. The determination of the oxidation stability of butter in accordance to AOCS Cd 12b-92, ISO 6886 and GB/T 21121 as well as the determination of lactose in lactose free milk by ion chromatography is also described.

For the determination of the pH value in dairy products see Application Bulletin AB-086 and for the determination of calcium and magnesium see Application Bulletin AB-235.


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