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According to the described method, NTA and EDTA can be determined in mass concentrations of 0.05 mg/L up to 25 mg/L in polluted water and wastewater.

At first NTA and EDTA are converted to the corresponding Bi complexes by addition of Bi3+ ions at a pH value of 2.0. As these Bi complexes have significantly different peak potentials, they can be determined simultaneously by DP polarography. The interfering anions nitrite, sulfite, and sulfide are removed from the sample by acidification and purging. Interfering cations are removed by cation exchange; any NTA or EDTA heavy metal complexes present in the sample are disintegrated during this procedure. To remove surfactants and other organic components interfering with the analysis, the sample solution is run through a column filled with non-polar adsorber resin.


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