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2060 IC Process Analyser
2060 IC Process Analyser

2060 IC Process Analyser

Complete and flexible system for online monitoring of ionic compounds in aqueous media from ng/L to % concentrations.

The 2060 Ion Chromatography (IC) Process Analyser enables customised online ion chromatography monitoring of industrial processes with multiple parameters and streams. Based on the 2060 online analysis platform, the 2060 IC Process Analyser is a complete and flexible system for online monitoring of ionic compounds in aqueous media from ng/L to % concentrations.

  • Flexible – Combine multiple cabinets and even place different cabinets in different locations
  • Versatile – Determine several parameters in parallel in one analysis
  • Precise – Achieve high precision analyses of a wide spectrum of analytes with multiple types of detectors
  • Autonomous – 24/7 unattended operation combined with continuous eluent generation
  • Multiple detection methods – conductivity, UV/VIS, or amperometric detection

Brochure: 2060 IC Process Analyser (8.000.5350, PDF, 12 MB)

Boost process productivity by monitoring different parts of a process at the same time

Metrohm Process Analysers are well known for their modular configuration concept. We have now taken that flexibility one step further.

With integrated liquid handling and eluent production, the 2060 IC Process Analyser makes calibration and validation as simple as pressing a button.

Inside each analytical cabinet, up to twelve wet part modules can be configured for maximum application flexibility, such as sample pretreatment or connecting up to 20 more sample streams.

The 2060 IC Process Analyser requires ultrapure water to run analyses. For secure operation and convenience, ultrapure water can be continuously generated inline with the PURELAB® flex 5/6 from ELGA®. This is the only instrument on the market with a pressureless water feed option, meaning less wear and less replacement of the purification packs, saving you money in your process.

Reduce maintenance intervals of your process analysis

The 2060 IC Process Analyser contains a continuous eluent production unit, in which the reagents are diluted automatically from concentrated eluents with ultrapure water, easily allowing for one up to six months of autonomy of your analysis. This ensures stable measurements and reduces maintenance intervals.

Protect valuable company assets by ensuring analysis data around the clock

Multiple parameters need to be constantly monitored in different industries to guarantee an efficient process. In the power plant industry, for example, constant monitoring of corrosive ions is essential to prevent costly production delays, unsuccessful maintenance, and unnecessary shutdowns, ensuring the manufacturing of quality products, and avoiding the deterioration of company assets (e.g. turbines, membranes, pipes) which could cause accidents at the plant.

Using the 2060 IC Process Analyser, plant operators can better manage, prevent, and mitigate the risk of downtimes throughout an industrial process. This analyser can determine several parameters in parallel in one analysis in almost real time, therefore preventing errors before they arise.

Comply with governmental regulations using an online process analyser

Online process analysers ensure high throughput of analysis data by monitoring sample streams in an almost “real-time” basis. This prevents out-of-spec data of wastewater streams and guarantees compliance with governmental regulations.

The 2060 IC Process Analyser is able to perform multiple measurements as described in international regulatory entities online, ensuring high quality products without the need for time-consuming, hazardous laboratory experiments. Additionally, the 2060 IC Process Analyser can provide alarms if pre-set warning or intervention concentration limits are reached, helping to save costs by preventing company assets deterioration (e.g., irreparable damage due to membrane fouling).

Fully automated analysis of aerosols and gases

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Metrohm AeRosol Sampler «MARS» is a sample preparation module that samples aerosol particles from an air stream and brings them into the aqueous phase.

Subsequently, the water-soluble ionic fraction (anions and cations) can be analysed by ion chromatography (e.g. Metrohm Compact or Professional IC series), voltammetry (e.g. Metrohm Professional VA series) or any other suitable analysis technique.

In addition to the aerosol fraction of ambient air, the 2060 MARGA «Monitor for AeRosols and Gases in ambient Air» also collects the ionic load of the gas fraction and brings it into the aqueous phase for subsequent analysis by dual channel ion chromatography.

2060 MARGA is designed for continuous, unattended operation in the field.

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