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OMNIS NIR Analyser

OMNIS NIR Analyser

Good vibes in your lab: State-of-the-art near-infrared spectrometer for easier, faster, and more efficient quality control and routine screening.

The OMNIS NIR Analyser series consists of modern, Swiss-made laboratory instruments for quality control of liquid, viscous, and solid samples in a few seconds.

  • Fast analysis of liquid samples and solid samples in less than 10 seconds
  • Simplified model development with the OMNIS Model Developer (OMD)
  • Minimal maintenance effort thanks to robust components, reduced number of moving optical parts, and IP54-rating
  • Full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, USP 856, ASTM 8321, and ASTM 6321
  • Automation options available to measure more than 500 samples unattended

Faster: Routine analysis in a few seconds

The OMNIS NIR Analysers are fast!

Built-in sample recognition, a rapid sample heating and cooling option directly at the sample, and the ability to predefine complete sample measurement lists allow you to perform the analysis of large sample quantities in no time.

Suitable for liquid, viscous, and solid samples, the OMNIS NIR solution is designed to support fast analysis, even when you need to frequently switch between the types of samples.

Easier: Only minimal training required

Near-infrared spectroscopy further simplified!

Model development with a single click makes integrating NIR spectroscopy into your laboratory a breeze. The OMNIS Model Developer (OMD) evaluates and calculates prediction models from your data set without needing expert knowledge.

Nevertheless, detailed information and the possibility to fine-tune model parameter settings are available.

More efficient: A platform of possibilities

Get more out of your OMNIS NIR Analyser!

Go beyond conventional NIR spectroscopy with the versatile capabilities of the OMNIS NIR Analyser and the integration with the OMNIS platform.

Enhance your analytical workflow by incorporating an OMNIS Sample Robot for automation, or an OMNIS Titrator, or even both. With complete control over setup, data management, and results, you can define your workflows as freely as you want.

Learn more about the OMNIS platform

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OMNIS NIRS – easier, faster, more efficient

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OMNIS NIRS is the Swiss-made NIR spectroscopy analyser line for fast, more efficient, and easy measurements. This white paper discusses the concept of NIR spectroscopy and gives several examples showing how OMNIS NIRS can be used for various laboratory applications.