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Hyphenated techniques
Hyphenated techniques

Hyphenated techniques

Extending the scope of ion chromatography: sophisticated sampling, sensitive detection, or multi-parameter analysis.

Metrohm IC systems can be further extended to include:

  • Sophisticated sampling systems (2060 MARGA and PILS)
  • Straightforward sample preparation systems (CIC)
  • Highly sensitive detection systems (IC-MS, IC-ICP/MS, and more)
  • Multiparameter analysis on a single system, e.g. by combining Metrohm IC with titration or voltammetry (TitrIC and VoltIC)

Sophisticated sampling

2060 MARGA M, air monitoring system, ambient air monitor, front view, door closed, Metrohm Process Analytics

Online monitoring of ambient air

2060 MARGA (Monitor for AeRosols and Gases in Ambient air) is a dedicated solution for online monitoring of ambient air.

2060 MARGA collects the ionic load (anions and cations) from the aerosol and the gas fraction of a defined volume of ambient air, brings it into solution, and injects it into a dual channel ion chromatograph for subsequent analysis.

Learn more about 2060 MARGA


Metrohm Process Analytics, Process analyzer systems, Angle front view,  Research, aerosols, Metrohm AeRosol Sampler, Aerosol Collector, SJAC, Steam Jet Aerosol Collector, PILS, wet part

Inline Sample Preparation for aerosols

Metrohm AeRosol Sampler «MARS» is a sample preparation module that samples aerosol particles from an air stream and brings them into the aqueous phase.

Subsequently, the water-soluble ionic fraction (anions and cations) can be interfaced with any Metrohm ion chromatograph for multi-parameter analysis of aerosols.

Read more about MARS and air monitoring

Straightforward sample preparation

Combustion IC, CIC, TEI, Trace Elemental Instruments, Metrohm Combustion IC, Combustion oven (TEI), Liquid introduction module, GLS Sampler (TEI), 920 Absorber Module, 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/PP/Deg

Combustible samples

Pyrohydrolytic Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) extends the range of automated ion chromatography to all kinds of combustible samples.

CIC is the preferred method to determine various halogens and sulfur in matrices ranging from solids to viscous, liquid, and gaseous samples.

  • For fully automated routine analysis
  • Superior to offline digestion methods both regarding sample throughput and accuracy of results
  • Qualification and quantification of the individual halogens as well as sum parameters such as AOF or AOX

Brochure: Combustion Ion Chromatography (8.000.5389, PDF, 804 KB)

Brochure: Combustion IC TEI (8.000.5380, PDF, 884 KB)

Sensitive detection

IC-MS graphic


Expand the scope of your IC system by coupling it with a mass spectrometer (IC-MS) or an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (IC-ICP/MS).

  • Increased sensitivity and selectivity
  • Determination of parameters for which maximum reliability is mandatory (e.g., monitoring of toxic impurities such as haloacetic acids or chromium speciation in drinking water)
  • Quantitative and qualitative data on the sample

Learn more about the hyphenation of IC and mass spectrometers

Multiparameter analysis

Combine direct measurements, titration or voltammetry, and ion chromatography in a single fully automated system for a comprehensive water analysis with multiparameter detection.


TitrIC flex – combining titration and IC

  • Unique combination of titration, direct measurement (e.g., pH), and ion chromatography (all from the same supplier)
  • One autosampler for all three analytical techniques
  • All results in a common database and a combined report
  • Titration and ion chromatography applied independently or in combination for parallel analysis
  • Expandable, modular OMNIS Sample Robot to increase sample throughput

Brochure: TitrIC flex (8.000.5300, PDF, 2.2 MB)

VoltIC Professional – combining voltammetry and ion chromatography

The strengths of IC and voltammetry combined in one powerful system for trace ion analysis.

  • Fully automated analysis
  • Operation with a single software: MagIC Net
  • All results in a common database and a combined report

VoltIC Professional – The flexible solution for combined trace analysis (8.000.5207, PDF, 690 KB)

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