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Compact potentiostats/galvanostats
Compact potentiostats/galvanostats

Compact potentiostats/galvanostats

Space-saving potentiostats/galvanostats: lightweight, portable, and economical.

Space is becoming increasingly scarce in modern research laboratories. Smaller instruments allow you to accommodate more instruments in the available space and expand the range of experiments and measurements in your lab. The Compact line is the space-saving solution for electrochemical research by Metrohm Autolab.

  • All the potentiostat/galvanostat specifications you need in a small footprint
  • Lightweight and portable, can be moved around your lab
  • Analog & digital input/output available to connect the potentiostat/galvanostat with a variety of accessories
  • Access to powerful NOVA software for all your procedures, analysis, and accessory control

PGSTAT101: affordable option for the emerging researcher

Metrohm Autolab PGSTAT101, the affordable potentiostat/galvanostat with measuring maximum of 100mA and compliance voltage of 10V (top right view).

The PGSTAT101 is a small, lightweight, and affordable potentiostat/ galvanostat that is ideal for most basic electrochemical research applications.

  • Compliance voltage + 10 V, max current + 100 mA, and offering all standard electrochemical techniques
  • On-board integrator for coulometric measurements and current integration cyclic voltammetry
  • Small, lightweight, and affordable

Autolab IMP: compact with EIS functionality

Autolab IMP  EIS

The Autolab IMP is a compact potentiostat/galvanostat with the EIS functionality included standard allowing a quick start of an electrochemistry education lab or any research project.

  • Compliance voltage ±10 V, max current ±100 mA
  • EIS included standard with the frequency range from 10 μHz to 1 MHz
  • Full NOVA software with dedicated “EC Fundamentals” procedures library

PGSTAT204: compact modularity

The PGSTAT204 excels with its compact and modular design allowing for superior flexibility in your research.

  • Compliance voltage + 20 V, max current + 400 mA
  • Combines a small footprint with modular design
  • Easily add an additional technique with one module: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is the most popular

NOVA 2: the interface for all functionality

NOVA 2 includes all the tools required to configure any experiment, acquire the data, and perform data analysis.

  • Procedures can be customised with an easy drag and drop
  • One interface and integrated control for external devices
  • Comprehensive data analysis, with publication ready graphs
  • SDK: control with LabVIEW or .NET customised applications

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