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Potentiometric Titration18 April Metrohm UK

Potentiometric Titration & tiamo27 April Metrohm Ireland

OMNIS 4 May Metrohm UK

OMNIS20 June Metrohm Ireland

Potentiometric Titration & tiamo28 September Metrohm UK

Potentiometric Titration & tiamo
17 October Metrohm Ireland

OMNIS2 November Metrohm UK


23 March Metrohm Ireland

30 March Metrohm UK

7 September Metrohm UK

14 September Metrohm Ireland

Online sessions14-16 February Microsoft Teams

Practical Workshop 27 April Metrohm UK

Free NOVA session11 May Metrohm UK

Free NOVA session6 June Oakham

Free NOVA session13 September Bristol

Free NOVA sessionTBC Scotland

Free NOVA session19 October Metrohm UK

22-23 March Metrohm UK

15 June Metrohm Ireland

4-5 October Metrohm UK