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Good results start with reliable sampling

It does not matter how good and accurate your process analyzers are. If you do not have a sampling conditioning system (SCS) dedicated to your application, accurate results are impossible.

Are you looking for a sampling conditioning system? At Metrohm Process Analytics we offer any customized sampling conditioning system solution, such as cooling or heating, pressure reduction, degassing, filtration, and many more to meet your everyday challenges.

Our Top 5 sampling system units are:

Ensure a constant flow rate for your process analyzer: ­

  • High analyzer protection – avoid sample overpressure causing hardware damage and harmful leaks 
  • Improved pressure control – better sample flow to the analyzer, no need for extra pumps 
  • Simple installation straight into the sample line 
  • No backpressure concerns or «creep» thanks to the pressure relief valve design

Flyer: Pressure reduction unit – constant flow rates for your process analyzer (8.000.5375, PDF, 921 KB)

Self-clean any sample stream in your process:

  • Fast and easy filter self-cleaning due to continuous process flow 
  • Easy maintenance due to simple design with shut-off valves 
  • Additional auto-cleaning by means of a back wash for high solid content 
  • Multiple materials of construction options to adapt to the nature of the sample

Flyer: Blow-back filter – self-clean any sample stream (8.000.5374, PDF, 866 KB)

Improve analysis by removing particles:

  • Good for separation of dense or quick settling particles due to optimal settling time 
  • No filter elements needed; therefore, reducing maintenance and the risk of blockages to a minimum 
  • Automated «settling time» calculation using the state-of-the-art software by Metrohm Process Analytics

Brochure: Settler unit (8.000.5382, PDF, 211 KB)

Avoid any interference in your analysis:

  • Fast and easy filter self-cleaning with the use of water or air prior to each analysis 
  • Easy upkeep due to simple design with few moving parts 
  • Auto vessel cleaning by means of a back-flush valve to rinse settled solids to drain ­
  • Multiple materials of construction available to adapt to the nature of the sample

Flyer: Settler with Blow-Back Filter – avoid interference in your analysis (8.000.5373, PDF, 797 KB)

Avoid inaccurate results in your process:

  • Enhance your analysis accuracy by avoiding bubbles formation 
  • Increased analyzer reliability by removing dissolved gases from the sample stream ­
  • Continuous flow – reduce dead volumes from sample point to analyzer, shortening cycle times

Brochure: Degassing unit (8.000.5381, PDF, 221 KB)

Complete solutions for your industrial plant

Virtually unlimited sample conditioning options

Besides the chemical analysis, sample preparation, preconditioning, and location of the analyzer are deciding factors for the success of inline, online, and atline analysis. We can provide a full solution for almost any application: an analyzer in combination with sample preparation or even a complete package with a shelter, probes, piping, wiring, and interfacing. This allows seamless startup and integration of the instrument on site.

Brochure: Sampling solutions for NIRS Process Analyzers (8.000.5364, PDF, 5.7 MB)

Are you interested in another type of sampling conditioning system? Let us know and we'll get in touch.

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