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PTRam Analyzer
PTRam Analyzer

PTRam Analyzer

Inline self-calibrating process development Raman.

The PTRam is a compact rack-mountable Raman analyzer designed for product and process development and used in analytical labs and pilot plant settings. Equipped with a 785-nm laser and fiber optic probe, the PTRam offers the benefit of high throughput Raman applicable to most samples.

  • High-performance, precise, rugged, and reliable spectrometer
  • Long-lasting, rock-solid laser stability for consistent results
  • Self-monitoring to ensure the validity of each measurement for 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Auto Raman shift calibration for high reproducibility and stable, accurate instrument calibration, enhancing x-axis precision making model transfer easy
  • USP <858> and new EP 2.2.48 compliance verified through system performance tests
  • Single channel fiber-optically coupled sample probe with user-replaceable shaft, customizable for your measurement conditions

Easy, out-of-the box operation

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The PTRam is a compact, sensitive, and robust Raman spectrometer that can be placed on the bench or in a rack-mount enclosure. Just connect the fiber optic probe, plug it in and start your measurements, easily moving it to the process you are developing. With the PTRam you can increase your process understanding and decrease development time with real-time process monitoring.

In addition, the PTRam is a stable system, with high repeatability and reproducibility. It includes internal monitoring of system temperature and Raman shift, ensuring precise measurements throughout your analysis.

Flexible sampling accessories

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Fiber-optic sampling makes it easy to take your measurement to your sample, and measure through the transparent vessel wall.

The interchangeable fiber-optic probe shaft expands the capabilities of the PTRam with shafts operable in diverse environments. We also offer custom sampling interfaces suited to your unique needs.

Avoid unforeseen plant shutdowns with a reliable industrial process controller

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Regular control of process parameters is critical to maintain product and process specifications and to achieve optimal product quality and consistency in any industry. By providing data in «real-time» to the industrial control system (e.g. DCS or PLC), downtimes are reduced, and costly company assets are safeguarded.

The 2060 Human Interface developed by Metrohm Process Analytics helps you to achieve that. Thanks to the variety of process communication protocols built-in with the 2060 HI (e.g., Modbus or Discrete I/O), process data can be communicated in «real-time» to any industrial control system or directly to external devices and is accessible 24/7.

Learn more about 2060 Human Interface

Specifications for PTRam
Part number BWT-840001200
Laser 785 nm
Spectral range 150-2800 cm-1
Spectral resolution ~6 cm-1 @ 912 nm
Laser power Max.  340 mW; power software-controllable from 0 to 100% at 1% increments
Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 52 x 48 x 19 cm
Operating temperature 15 ˚C - 30 ˚C
Storage temperature -15 ˚C - 50 ˚C
Relative humidity 10% - 85%, non-condensing
Input voltage 100-240 V AC 47-63 Hz
Power consumption 100 W (Max)
Warm-up time 5 minutes
Raman shift calibration auto-calibration internal reference
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