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Dr. Shibu Paul, Ion Chromatography Product Specialist at Metrohm USA, gives an overview of IC applications in the pharma industry as well as application challenges. Linx Waclaski, Ion Chromatography Product Manager at Metrohm USA, presents the available solutions such as columns, detectors, suppressors, and more.

Ion chromatography for pharma applications

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Ion chromatography is a valuable tool for pharmaceutical analytical methods: It offers specificity, sensitivity, speed, and simultaneous identification of multiple analytes.

Metrohm ion chromatography comprises everything you need for your analyses, from the instrument to the detector, column, inline sample preparation techniques, suppressor, and software.

Metrohm ion chromatography instruments are:

  • Robust: We grant a 3-year warranty on our Swiss-made instruments and a 10-year warranty on the anion suppressor.
  • Compliant: GLP compliance and data integrity, security, and traceability as per FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ALCOA, and ALCOA+.
  • Easy to maintain and service: We are present in 40 countries with subsidiaries and in more than other 40 countries with exclusive partners.

USP-standardized analyses with ion chromatography

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The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has updated and modernized existing monographs across all compendia to include ion chromatography (IC) methods for pharmaceutical assays and for the analysis of impurities and excipients.

Metrohm can help you with validating a method, modernizing or converting methods (titration or HPLC to IC), implementing column equivalency, and searching for USP-compliant Metrohm applications.

Find more information as well as webinars, white papers, and application notes here:

Bring your USP methods up to date